This Is the One-and-Done Accessory Your Living Room Is Missing

published Jan 6, 2021
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The right a mantel and can be used in tableaux on various surfaces, too. Even better, since they’re fairly flexible in between links, you can restyle them often into different configurations: outstretched and long, coiled and compact, or even twisted into a serpentine shape. No matter your decor style, one of these eight chain link objects will speak to you and be the perfect finishing touch for your living room.

Beverly Wicker Chain Link Object

Wicker isn’t going anywhere, and if you love this natural texture as much as I do, this chain link piece will be right up your alley. Place it atop a white marble table for contrast or pair it with rattan furniture to keep that boho theme going strong in your living room.

Buy: Beverly Wicker Chain Link Object, $65.00 from Williams-Sonoma

Credit: Wayfair

Cottrell Hand-Carved Chain 5 Link Sculpture

Perfect for spaces with transitional style, this wooden piece from Wayfair will spice up your coffee table in seconds. Note that at 27 inches wide, the piece is quite large at its full length, but you can easily coil it up a bit if you’re styling it on a smaller surface.

Buy: Cottrell Hand-Carved Chain 5 Link Sculpture, $81.99 from Wayfair

Credit: Walmart

GO Home Ltd Barak Chain Decor

Feeling a bit edgy? This metal chain may be the one for you. It’s a great option for modern, industrial spaces, and while it may look like a vintage, one-of-a-kind piece, you can order it right from Walmart.

Buy: GO Home Ltd Barak Chain Decor, $46.99 from Walmart

Reclaimed Wood Chain

This sweet reclaimed wood piece is an excellent find for rustic or farmhouse-influenced spaces, and it’s one of the less expensive chains I found, too. Each chain has slight variations in wood tones, so it’ll add a lot of visual interest to whatever spot you put it in.

Buy: Reclaimed Wood Chain, $36.00 from Megan Molten Shop

Credit: Amazon

Sonoma Living Carved Wood Decorative Chain

This thick wooden chain looks handmade, but it’s actually a sub-$50 Amazon Prime find. Since it’s only three links long, it’s a great option for topping your stack of coffee table books.

Buy: Sonoma Living Carved Wood Decorative Chain, $49.99 from Amazon

Credit: Burke Decor

White Marble Chain Decor

Minimalists will fall for this simple yet classic marble chain, which would pop against a wooden table or dark mantle. At just 13 inches long, it’s a bit more petite than many of the other options highlighted here, too.

Buy: White Marble Chain Decor, $54.60 from Burke Decor

Credit: Bloomist

Charcoal Wood Chain, Small Link

Popular plant retailer Bloomist sells more than just green friends; they have a wonderful selection of decorative accents for the home, too! This charcoal wooden chain, created in collaboration with designer Hilary Robertson, is ideal for those who want to bring some drama into a living room vignette.

Buy: Charcoal Wood Chain, Small Link, $58.00 from Bloomist

Credit: DZN Home

Bloomingville 13″ L Decorative Marble Figurine Chain Link

This find features more of a crisp, white marble finish than the-off white piece featured above. It’s a classic that’s tried and true and will shine no matter where it’s placed.

Buy: Bloomingville 13″ L Decorative Marble Figurine Chain Link, $45.00 from DZN Home