Chasing Paper’s Latest Collection Is Based on Your Enneagram Number

published Aug 1, 2022
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Credit: Chasing Paper

Adding a playful pop and plenty of character to your feature wall, Chasing Paper has created an eye-catching range that evokes the archetype of each enneagram number personality.

The collection, designed in collaboration with Chicago-based artist Keeley Shaw, consists of nine bold designs—one for each enneagram number—and is available in peel and stick and traditional paper. Prices start from $45, with each style designed in Shaw’s signature abstract illustrative style.

“Enneagrams have become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon, as I think so many of us are trying to understand ourselves more deeply. This collection is so thoughtful and layered, while still having an element of playfulness that Keeley executes so well,” says Chasing Paper founder, Elizabeth Rees, in a press release. “I was initially drawn to Keeley’s work because of the emotive way she creates art. When I learned more about her as an artist and person, I loved her work even more. Mental health is such an incredibly important issue and creating art for people to connect with resonated with me,”

Discover more about each design below.

  • No. 1: Bird’s Eye View – No 1’s are our overseers. Our visionaries with a bird’s eye view for unwavering good, they’re steady and sure, always in pursuit of justice. Available in Blue, Grey and Peach.
  • No. 2: In Bloom – Our nurturers, who hold us up and make us better by truly seeing us, they create beauty in connection and grow love in the palms of their hands wherever they go. Available in Black and White and Multi.
  • No. 3: Green Plants – No. 3’s are our larger than life forces for growth – unmistakably beautiful and flourishing, an inspiration for us all to grow alongside them.
  • No. 4: Heartbeat – Our feelers, unafraid of brokenness, No. 4s know the depths of humanness and create beauty because of it – growing flower gardens in darkened hearts.
  • No. 5: Typewriter – No. 5’s are our cerebrals, who ground us, who seek answers, who speak truth softly, and who aren’t afraid to question everything.
  • No. 6: On the Vine – Our fiercely loyal, who surround us and hold us tight, are No. 6’s. They seek stability on our behalf, whose roots eventually grow so deep that they learn to trust themselves.
  • No. 7: Disco – Our whimsical and bright, reflecting their light on everyone they meet. Color and sparkle and everything illuminating, No. 7s teach us how to enjoy again.
  • No. 8: Seaside – Our No. 8 protectors are waves of equal parts love and action, intensity that creates change and carries their people to shore. Available in Blue and White. 
  • No. 9: Upside – Our peacekeepers – both vast and inviting – are a covering of comfort, a gentle presence that invites you to sit and wonder for a while. Available in Blue, Charcoal and Peach.