Before and After: A $340 DIY Bedroom Proves the Power of a Fresh, Fun Paint Job

published Mar 10, 2020
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Before: Cream-colored bedroom with plain decor
Credit: Muzna

Spare rooms can go a long time without getting any design attention—after all, when no one’s using them, they’re easy to forget about! For Muzna, of Meem Inspired Design, that room was her family’s guest room. “Our new builder-grade house required a lot of attention the last two years to make it our ‘home’ and this guest room was one of the spaces that still needed love and time but it just wasn’t happening,” Muzna says. But when she heard her parents would be visiting for the first time since the family had moved in, over two years ago, she knew that it was time to create a warm and welcoming space for them to stay. “Their decision to visit us gave me the much needed motivation to revamp this room,” Muzna says.

Over four weeks, Muzna transformed the plain guest room—and did it without buying any major furniture! Instead, she spent the bulk of her budget on paint and high-impact lighting.

Credit: Muzna

To give the bed a fresh look, she painted it white—and the rest of the room, too. Then, she created a spunky accent wall behind the headboard. “I wanted to do a feature wall and wanted to do something easier than wood panelling and different from just going with a wallpaper, so while I was looking for wall decals and other options I decided to play with the paint and do my own,” Muzna says. “Next, I just picked a pattern I thought I could do without messing up.”

Credit: Muzna

To create the pattern, she taped off two sides of her square to create a corner; she used the guide to draw the first line, then free-handed parallel brush strokes to create each block. Switching the directions of the lines added some extra interest.

Once the wall was done, Muzna painted the ceiling a summery teal (Sherwin-Williams’s Tame Teal). “Since I did this project in dead cold winters of Michigan, I wanted the room to be inviting and remind the visitor of happy place, hence the choice of airy bright teal for the ceiling,” she says. A wicker pendant light from IKEA adds to the breezy vibes. Two sconces from Amazon serve as reading lights for guests.

Muzna painted one nightstand white to match the new bed, but swapped other smaller one for a white-and-wood one from IKEA. All together, the project cost just $340—$120 for paint and supplies, and $220 for the lights and table.

“I absolutely love the happy vibes this room gives now,” Muzna says. “It has such a calm and serene feeling to it that I can shamelessly admit that this is my absolute favorite room in the house currently.”

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