The Part of Your House You’re Probably Not Cleaning (and How to Do It)

published Jan 6, 2022
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Credit: Lana Kenney

When was the last time you cleaned your walls? Sure, you’ve probably grabbed a Magic Eraser to wipe away a mark that was bugging you. But can you remember the last time you really spent a good chunk of time dusting and washing your walls? We’re guessing the answer is no — and you’re not alone: For as much as you look at them, walls are a majorly under-cleaned area of the home.

Luckily, a fan-favorite product on Amazon makes cleaning your walls easy, and all without climbing on a chair or lugging a step stool or ladder. I’m talking about the CHOMP long-handle dust mop, which has close to a 70 percent five-star average.

Essentially, it’s an adjustable pole (it ranges from 26-60 inches) that removes dust, grit, grease, and other grime from hard-to-reach surfaces with an accompanying microfiber mitt. (Think of it like a Swiffer for your walls, only way less wasteful.)

Credit: Ashley Abramson

How to Use the CHOMP Dust Mop to Clean Your Walls

So, how do you actually use the thing? I like to clean my walls in two steps — dusting and actual washing — and the CHOMP accomplishes both. Here’s how:

Credit: Ashley Abramson
  1. Dust your walls. Always, always dust before you clean, since dust will just stick to the wall when it gets wet. I used the blue mitt that CHOMP came with; it has longer microfiber sections, so it’ll grab all the dust from your walls. I loosened the tension hinge on the head of the mop (tighter tension is better for holding a preferred angle, like when you want to clean a baseboard or section of molding). Then, I glided the CHOMP back and forth, focusing on any areas with visible dust (don’t forget the spider webs in the corner of your ceiling).
  2. Choose your cleaner. For the actual cleaning part, you can invest in a CHOMP spray cleaner, or you can uses a homemade mixture of warm water and a few drops of Dawn dish detergent (the blue kind). It’s helpful to keep a second bucket of clean water nearby for rinsing. Just be careful not to use your dusty mitt! If you don’t have two, hand-wash the one you used to dust before washing the walls with it.
  3. Get to washing! After spot testing an inconspicuous area of my wall, I immersed the CHOMP head in the cleaning solution and used the accompanying squeezing tray to remove excess water. Then, I cleaned in up and down or circular motions, focusing on any visibly dirty areas and adding more solution when needed.
  4. Work out stains, if necessary. If marks or scuffs remain after cleaning, you might need to enlist the help of another, dedicated tool. I usually use a Magic Eraser (or off-brand melamine foam) moistened under the faucet to work out pesky stains.
Credit: Ashley Abramson

Once your walls dry, sit and enjoy the spic-and-span walls you just achieved with minimal effort! Once I wash the mitts, I’ll definitely be using the CHOMP again in another room.