Chrissy Teigen’s Staircase Gallery Wall Is Everything

published Feb 20, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Getty Images; Design: The Kitchn

Author, model, television personality, and all-round Instagram queen Chrissy Teigen is an absolute delight when it comes to social media, often sharing humorous and heart-warming content with fans. This week, the “Cravings” author showed off her Beverly Hills home once more, posing against her staircase in an eye-catching sequin dress. Behind Teigen is a magnificent gallery wall.

“You’re just gonna zoom in on all the pics aren’t you” she wrote in the Instagram snap’s caption, quite possibly reading the minds of many of her 37 million followers. She’s 100 percent correct as I, for one, did zoom into the pictures on the wall—and so did a lot of other people.

“The SPACING ! The FRAMING! This is exceptional !!” commented makeup artist Michael Anthony, while Lauren Ridinger wrote: “Lol Yup.”

From glam photoshoot snaps to wholesome family shots that feature Teigen’s husband John Legend and their two children, Luna and Miles, the gallery wall showcases plenty of memorable moments that definitely deserve a spot on the staircase. There’s a mixture of horizontal and vertical pictures that have been meticulously placed at just the right angle with just the right amount of space left between each. I am sure it required a lot of patience, and I would like to know how long it took to get everything positioned.

The gallery wall certainly takes center stage, with the all-white wall and light wood flooring allowing the pictures to truly pop against the neutral background. If Teigen has inspired you to create your own staircase gallery wall but you don’t have a bunch of room, Minol Shamreen, founder and creative director of Studio M Designs, recommends a certain type of frame.

“When using frames, especially an enclosed stairway, I like to keep the depth of the frame to 2 inches or less,” she told Apartment Therapy in 2021. “This is to ensure that the piece doesn’t visually encroach into the walking space, which makes the stairway feel narrower than it is.”