The One Thing You Should Never Be Ashamed to Add to Your Wedding Registry

published Jun 21, 2023
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When I was growing up, I was high-key obsessed with weddings — the traditions and customs, the gowns, the fairytale love story. So I couldn’t have been happier when my now-husband popped the question. We shared a beautiful proposal, enjoyed a rowdy engagement party, and then the wedding planning gods proclaimed: Sarah Magnuson, welcome to hell.

Wedding planning, in my opinion, is the absolute worst (at least, for those pursuing the more traditional wedding route — a path which, spoiler alert, I discourage everyone from taking based on my 10 months of high-stress planning and a final vomit-inducing price tag). It transformed every free surface into a work space for reception projects; every clean spot on the floor became home to some sort of supply box. Most frustrating of all, the countless tasks sucked time away from basic home maintenance.

As the Big Day neared, a friend offered to give my fiancé and me a truly unique gift: a cleaning service. Fool that I am, I declined her generous (and insightful) offer. After all, I’ve never used a cleaning service! It’s always seemed out of my budget and, frankly, I enjoy deep cleaning and find it really soothes my anxiety. But looking around, it was clear that 1) my house wasn’t clean at all, actually, and 2) my anxiety had reached legendary heights. 

Now that I’m on the other side of my wedding, I have one unconventional piece of wedding advice (aside from “Elope!”): Register for a home cleaning service. Wedding registries have evolved so much, with tools that sync registries and options for charitable donations, contributions to funds for honeymoons, home down-payments, or anything, really. Why not add an option for a guest to provide the couple with one of the most basic human needs: a clean, safe, organized home?

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I know that for many (myself included), opening up your home for professional cleaning assistance can be intimidating or even a bit embarrassing. I mean, I’ve seen the gross conditions that can accumulate in our house even when I’m on my cleaning A-game. And I also get the fear of judgment for seeking out help with this crucial task. But I encourage you to let go of those concerns and acknowledge what a massive, time-consuming, and reality-warping experience wedding planning can be. You deserve a hand whether you’re in the middle of wedding planning or you’re relaxing and catching up after the big day has passed. 

Engaged couples can add this option right to their own registry. You can use the customizable registry options on popular wedding planning websites like The Knot and Zola to add a gift card or service selection for a local house cleaning company.

Asking for help can be really tough for some people (it certainly is for me!). Wedding planning is a uniquely demanding and, at times, isolating process, and it’s perfectly acceptable to need help in places you hadn’t expected. If you’re lucky enough to have a special person in your life offer you this gift, don’t think twice: Accept the help, and cherish that guest forever!