11 Clever Ways to Hack & Repurpose the $15 IKEA FROSTA Stool

published Sep 21, 2017
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(Image credit: stylizimoblog.com)

Blessed be the people out there who can walk into an IKEA store and see beyond the practical, intended uses of their furniture and decor pieces. Whether it be a simple flip of a piece of furniture, using the disassembled pieces to serve an entirely different purpose, or combining the parts of one product with another, let IKEA, and namely the FROSTA stool, be the instigator for the DIY in all of us.

A simple flip of the stool (above) and you’ve got yourself a simple display for your fall firewood, as recommended by Stylizimo. Just assemble as usual – no additional tricks needed!

(Image credit: stylizimoblog.com)

Don’t have a fireplace? The upside down stool idea from Stylizimo also makes a perfect magazine rack for your living room.

(Image credit: diyfurniturestudio.com)

Combine the FROSTA legs with the $8 APTITLIG chopping board like Jen Panguluri and you’ve got yourself a new side table, perfect for small spaces and affordable living.

(Image credit: www.vtwonen.nl)

Pick up a couple of extra stools if you want to make this 3-tiered hanging shelf from Vtwonen. Cut down one set of legs, drill 4 holes in each seat, and string together with some durable rope.

(Image credit: www.vtwonen.nl)

And if you need an idea for the leftover legs, check out these super easy hanging planter hooks, also from Vtwonen. Fasten each stool leg to the wall, no additional materials needed!

(Image credit: grillo-designs.com)

In keeping with the plant theme, you can make these simple planter holders from Grillo Design out of one stool, split in half using a jigsaw or circular saw. Use the flat side of the legs to attach to the wall, and enjoy your new living wall art.

(Image credit: IKEA)

Create a moody, elegant look by painting the stool pieces matte black, and making a mounted side table or nightstand. But wait, don’t waste the extra legs! Instead, use them as additional hooks for keeping things organized as recommended by IKEA.

(Image credit: ikeahackers.net)

Or use the extra legs as a quick, low-profile mounted bike rack like this one from Ikeahackers.

(Image credit: Frida Ramstedt)

If you’re more of the traditional type, you can still use the stool for its intended use – just add a cushion using an IKEA CILLA pillow to take it up a notch or make it more kid-friendly with a fun fabric like the one chosen in Frida Ramstedt’s tutorial.

(Image credit: www.bidouillesikea.com)

Take two stools and combine them into a super functional chair with added back support like this one from bidouillesikea.com. Perfect for a playroom or craft table.

(Image credit: www.vtwonen.nl)

If you’re feeling really gutsy, try turning your FROSTA into a table lamp, following Vtwonen’s tutorial. The legs serve perfectly as the arm of the lamp, and with a few extra holes, you can easily add a corded bulb of your choice.