This Oprah-Favorite Find Is Now a Must-Have for My Home Coffee Station

published Nov 12, 2021
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Cup of espresso and custard tarts
Credit: Aila Images/Stocksy

I don’t always drink coffee in the morning. In fact, most mornings, I go with water or tea. Even so, I have loved stocking up on items to flesh out my coffee and tea cart in my dining area. It’s packed with various coffees and teas, a matcha maker, a coffee maker, and plenty of water bottles in case I need to grab one and go. I also love showing it off whenever my family comes to visit. Because I’m so proud of it (and because my parents are often asking me for recommendations), I am always keeping an eye out for new products to try in order to add to all the drink options. Before making it to the Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2021 list, I had the Clevr SuperLatte Starter Kit in my coffee station. Here’s why it makes a great gift for latte lovers.

The Clevr SuperLatte Starter Kit has just three items, but it’s all you need to level up your beginner coffee and tea station. The kit comes with your choice of two of Clevr’s SuperLatte blends and a sleek rechargeable milk frother. I was most excited about the frother because I had yet to buy one, so this was the perfect introduction for me. Everything comes packed in a recyclable compact box, and all the instructions you need are printed right on the packaging.

My SuperLatte Starter Kit came with Matcha and Chai blends. Each bag has 14 servings, each packed with oat milk and creamer, and you only need to add water to blend a tasty beverage. My milk frother even arrived slightly pre-charged so I was able to take it for a test run right away! The frother works with the click of the power button, and comes with a USB cord that can be stored inside of it when it’s not in use. So, as long as you have a charging block, you’re good to go! The drinks can be made iced or hot, and depending on how it’s prepared, can be ready in a matter of seconds. 

This coffee-alternative starter kit is SUPER giftable, whether you’re treating yourself or someone you love. Add a cute mug to make it even more special! You can choose between the Matcha, Chai, and Golden SuperLatte blends to add a rich boost of flavor to your morning caffeine. I already need to place another order for the Matcha SuperLatte, and it’s been so much fun using my milk frother. I can’t believe I waited so long to get one!