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This New Bedding Is Designed to Maintain Your Perfect Sleep Temperature

published Nov 17, 2021
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Credit: Sijo

Whether you tend to sleep hot or cold, finding the right bedding means the difference between a great night’s sleep or an uncomfortable wake-up call at 3 a.m. Linen and cotton are both great choices for breathability and coziness, but the most practical, affordable, and sustainable option is something you’ve probably never heard of.

Sijo, the direct-to-consumer bedding brand known for its mindful approach to sleep essentials, specializes in lots of all-purpose TENCEL lyocell options made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus. Now, they’re taking temperature-regulating bedding even more seriously with their brand new CLIMA Collection — and it all sounds pretty dreamy. 

The Sijo CLIMA Collection is launching with a duvet insert, pillow, mattress pad, and sheets, all made with a brand new technology called Cell Solution CLIMA fibers. Basically, CLIMA is a blend of TENCEL lyocell fiber and Supima cotton that’s infused with naturally-derived paraffin, which gives it temperature-regulating superpowers, and Sijo is the first brand to launch a collection with this innovative material.

Credit: Sijo

Like Sijo’s Eucalyptus Collection (also made with TENCEL lyocell), Sijo’s CLIMA bedding is silky soft, durable, and extremely breathable. But the Cell Solution CLIMA technology allows it to absorb excess heat and redistribute it as needed, basically creating a microclimate in your sleep space that keeps your body temperature well within your comfort zone. That means it keeps your skin temperature around 82-89°F, which is the ideal range to sleep comfortably in.

And like everything Sijo makes, their CLIMA Collection is sustainability produced. By starting with wood pulp from non-endangered eucalyptus trees and recycling water during the manufacturing and cleaning process, the end result causes less less runoff and creates something you’re proud to introduce into one of the most personal spaces in your home.

During transitional seasons (looking at you, fall) when you might go to bed with 70°F weather and wake up to a 40°F morning, Sijo’s CLIMA bedding could add an additional layer of comfort even if your A/C and heating can’t quite figure out how to deal with quickly-changing temps. Oh, and this bedding is also great at absorbing moisture, so a great night’s sleep is no sweat.

Explore the new SIJO CLIMA Collection, and get ready for a cool night’s sleep.