See Inside a Cozy Brooklyn Apartment That Rents for $3600 a Month

published Mar 28, 2024

See Inside a Cozy Brooklyn Apartment That Rents for $3600 a Month

published Mar 28, 2024
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Holly Li and her partner signed for this two-bedroom, 700-square-foot apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, sight-unseen. “We were moving to NYC at the time, and worried about being able to find a place. We did a video tour of this apartment the day it came out, and were notified that we had gotten it as we were taxi-ing, getting ready to embark on a long flight. We bought plane WiFi *just* so we could wire our deposit and not lose the spot,” she writes.

Credit: Adri Tan

“Three years later and this apartment is one of the best things that ever happened to us,” Holly continues. “It’s a home base for our friends; it’s housed our families for holidays and family weddings.”

“My partner and I treat designing the space as a love language: Every few months, we take an evening together to subtly rearrange art or furniture, just to breathe new life into the space and find renewed inspiration,” Holly shares.

Credit: Adri Tan

“Our friends joke that we’re obsessed with school — in my design work, I love to employ ‘textbook’ or ‘academic’ design systems, and it’s true of our space too: Between the library cart, locker, school chairs, and randomly strewn textbooks, our apartment’s central visual theme is probably the schoolhouse. I love how playful kids are allowed to be — and I love learning — so ‘schoolhouse’ feels apt,” Holly continues to describe.

“My partner and I are also both Chinese American, so we have a few Asian touches throughout the house: Communist posters (I love to collect them), lunar calendars, etc.”


Credit: Adri Tan


  • Green Canvas — DIY
  • Library Cart — Craigslist
  • Rugs — Purchased in Morocco
  • Ashtray — Houseplant
  • Couch — Bludot, but purchased on Facebook Marketplace for $50!
  • Godzilla — DIY
  • Revolutionary Man — Facebook Marketplace
  • Japanese Pennant — Antique
  • Key Holder — Fruit Super
  • “NO” Sign — Park Life in San Francisco
  • Locker — Big ReUse in Gowanus
  • “Conference Center” Sign — Vintage
  • Orange Console — CB2 from Facebook Marketplace
  • Mart Stam Chair — Antique Store
Credit: Holly Li


  • Table — Biergarten
  • School Chairs — Stooped!
  • “GET F%@#” Print — Aesthetic Union in SF
  • Saul Steinberg Art — Estate Sale
  • Coffee Bar — Partner Made It
Credit: Holly Li


  • School Chair — Stooped
  • Decor on the Desk — Mix of Antiques (oil pastel paintings) or International Finds (Mexican tin frame, Japanese figurines)
Credit: Holly Li


  • Quilt — Antique
  • Paper Lamps — DIY

Thanks, Holly!

This tour’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.