Make Your Closet Feel Way Bigger with These 5 Budget DIYs

updated Oct 5, 2019
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Credit: Liz Calka

Having a small closet is no fun, and almost all of us has been there. I remember going from an amazing walk-in closet in my studio apartment to an oddly-designed closet in an older apartment unit and having absolutely no idea how I was going to store all of my stuff. If only I’d discovered some of the below tips back then! If you can relate, you’ll want to read up on these five amazing DIYs (they’re super easy, promise) that will help you maximize your closet storage space in no time.

Credit: Kelly Marzka

Go Low with Curtain Rods

I’m pretty sure Kelly of View Along the Way has what I’d consider to be my dream closet (I mean, who isn’t pining for that beautiful Anthropologie wallpaper?!). She completed quite the makeover and implemented tons of great hacks, but one of the smartest was installing a low-hanging curtain rod for her purses, which takes advantage of storage space most people forget they have. Kelly also DIYed genius slide-out scarf and belt holders so she can tuck her accessories away and pull them out with ease—you can check out step-by-step instructions on her blog.

Credit: Gina Luker

Buddy up Your Hangers

It’s always a bummer when your rental closet comes equipped with just one hanging rod and you’re left wondering how to store all of your blouses, short-sleeved work tops, blazers, and more in a cramped space. We love this super simple, super free hack from Gina Luker of The Shabby Creek Cottage, which involves attaching hangers using soda can tabs (as if we needed another reason to foster our La Croix obsession!). By doubling up, you’ll be able to hang way more clothing than before and can even piece together some outfits so that you’ll be ready to grab and go each morning!

Credit: Diana Steffen

Get Ultra-Orderly with Labels

Not feeling super crafty? No worries! You can still tackle these low-lift DIYs that will make a major difference, as seen in Diana Steffen’s ultra glam closet space. One is creating labels for different articles of clothing—think “workwear,” “rompers,” and the like, as seen above.

While this technique doesn’t create space in and of itself, it will allow you to develop a better sense of what you already own and love and what you can toss, which will save you space in the long run. Plus, knowing exactly what you have on hand will prevent you from making any unnecessary or duplicate purchases, which often happen as a result of being disorganized! Stashing off-season items in acrylic boxes helps clear up more rod space, too.

Credit: Bazaar

Build Your Own Custom Closet

Reminder: You don’t have to settle for the closet you have! A weekend and some sweat equity can net you a closet that’s totally customized for your needs. Jenna of Jenna Sue Design Co. worked some major magic in her little one’s nursery, giving an empty closet a budget-friendly IKEA shelving system with a chest of drawers, a pair of rods, and plenty of shelving. This one-of-a-kind closet cost just $250!

Credit: Krista Aasen

Fake a Closet with Built-Ins

Krista Aasen of The Happy Housie also turned to IKEA when designing her master bedroom closet, which features stunning blue wallpaper inside. Prior to this installation, the closet was wide open with little organizational structure—now, all of Krista’s clothing, accessories, and jewelry has a home! She was even able to part with a dresser thanks to all of the space that opened up in her closet due to this transformation. Everyone may not have a walk-in-sized closet (ahem, me!), but here’s a secret: Even in apartments that have no closet at all, a freestanding unit with drawers and rods can be just as chic—and just as organized.