Before and After: An Unused Bedroom Becomes a Colorful “Cloffice” in a $2,000 Redo

published Feb 1, 2024
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Hybrid spaces are a popular way to make the most of a room. From bathroom/laundry rooms to living room/playrooms, a double-duty room can help maximize a space while getting creative in the process. 

This is exactly what blogger Jayah Washington (@thatssojayah) did when she transformed a 1,200-square-foot master bedroom-sized space into a “cloffice” where she could express herself creatively. 

“As a blogger, I felt as though I needed a space to create content and express my creative home decor style,” she says. “I wanted to build a closet from scratch while also making a girly workspace. I discovered the term “cloffice” on Pinterest and knew that would be the perfect room for me.

Shelving offers storage — and the clothes themselves add style. 

Jayah is someone who loves organization, so her clothing racks and basic white shelves from Lowe’s, plus “a purse cabinet” thrifted from a family member came in clutch. Jayah says a big part of keeping everything organized was sketching out where she wanted things to go, and she’s proud of how her clothes (organized by color, of course) add vibrancy and color to the room — no hanging artwork required. 

In other words, “Boots are home decor,” as Jayah writes on Instagram. 

Peel-and-stick wallpaper transformed the office corner.

Jayah’s dad helped her put together the desk and two floating shelves (from IKEA and Lowes). “I assisted him with the peel and stick wallpaper background,” Jayah explains.

The wallpaper cost $10 per roll from Amazon.  In total, the closet/office renovation cost less than $2,000 — and makes a compelling case for why someone single might need a two-bedroom, after all, as Jayah writes on IG. Jayah says that the project taught her new DIY skills, organization, and patience, and she is thrilled with the result. 

“This cloffice highlights my success and creativity as I display my degrees and girly fun style,” Jayah gushes.  “I am in love with the results.” Jayah adds that she loves being able to pick out her clothes and see everything displayed neatly, and she loves having a desk to do work instead of sitting in her living room.

“The cloffice makes me feel like I’m on Sex and the City!” And just like that — Jayah’s workday just got a lot more stylish.