The New and Unexpected Home Decor Trend That Might Bring You Good Luck

updated May 27, 2021
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dresser in front of Clover Wallpaper designed by Rebecca Atwood

The latest home decor trend appeals to my inner optimist: Clover prints are suddenly everywhere! Both four-leafed and triples, blossoming and not, this new crop of clover feels like a fresh take on the usual botanical motifs, because both the leaves and the flowers are circular, creating a playful polka dot-like pattern. 

I first spotted the trend last year when designer Rebecca Atwood teased a peek at her new textiles collection. “When spring started to show up last year, I walked to Brooklyn Bridge Park and laid on a blanket,” says Atwood. “I was looking through the grass and found a four-leaf clover and then more. It felt like a reminder to look for the good: the silver linings, the happy moments. I collected them and pressed them in a book. Later, I found a few more growing under a highway overpass — in this gritty spot. I thought, ‘Why not paint a clover pattern?’ There are times where you need happy, playful reminders in your home.”

Credit: Angela Wator

While this pattern feels fresh and of the moment, it definitely has a retro quality, too, and has showed up in previous house tours, particularly as wallpaper. I’d be negligent not to mention the iconic Kloverblad wallpaper by Josef Frank (seen here in the home of Angela Wator, owner/designer of BASH Party Goods below).

Atwood also had Frank’s work in mind when she designed her own clover pattern. “Mine speaks to that history and to his belief that you should soften white walls with prints and patterns so people can relax in a space,” she says.

If you love Atwood’s wallpaper and the whole clover look, you’re in luck (pun intended) — I found six other decor objects that are equally fun.

Clovers Wallpaper

Rebecca Atwood’s Clovers pattern is available as a fabric (in blue and green colorways) and as a wallpaper (also available in blue and green), which has me dreaming of sleeping in a bedroom that looks like a field of clover.

Buy: Clovers Wallpaper, $70.00 a linear yard from Rebecca Atwood

Clover Flower 1/2 Pint Mug

Another U.K. designer, ceramicist Emma Bridgewater recently introduced a Clover Flower pattern of her iconic 1/2 pint mug, which I’m tempted to order for my morning cup of coffee.

Buy: Clover Flower 1/2 Pint Mug, $34.95 from Emma Bridgewater

Credit: Spoonflower

Square Throw Pillow Cover

While Spoonflower has a lot of clover patterns to scroll through, a little digging uncovers some gems, like a blossoming red clover against a white backdrop or a white New Zealand clover against black.

Buy: Square Throw Pillow Cover, Starting at $39.00 from Spoonflower

Credit: John Derian

Fancy Clover

You might also add a touch of luck to your desk with one of John Derian’s decoupage paperweights. He has both a green four-leaf clover and a “fancy clover” with variegated leaves.

Buy: Fancy Clover paperweight, $60.00 from John Derian

Decorative Paper Clover Stems

John Derian also sells the most beautiful paper clover stems from the Green Vase. The artist’s own site also offers a purple version, as well. Stick these in a vase for everlasting greenery.

Buy: Clover Stem, $55.00 from The Green Vase

Lucky Clover Objet

Another desktop token of good luck is the Lucky Clover Objet from the MoMA Design Store. It’s an actual four-leaf clover pressed into a 3/4-inch thick piece of acrylic.

Buy: Lucky Clover Objet, $65.00 from MoMA Design Store

Credit: Kohl's

Modern Sprout Tiny Kit

Finally, Modern Sprout sells a tiny kit to grow your own good luck clover, which would make a fantastic gift for a kid — or a grown-up in need of a pick-me-up.

Buy: Modern Sprout Tiny Terracotta, $11.99 from Kohl’s