Collage Kits Exist, and It’s an Easy Way to Make Your Walls Look Like Lara Jean’s from TATBILB

updated Mar 31, 2020
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Credit: Masha Weisberg/Courtesy of Netflix

Those of us who have become deeply entrenched in the “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” universe (are you Team Peter or Team John Ambrose?) know that Lara Jean Covey’s bedroom is just as much as character in the films as Lara Jean herself. The blue muraled wall, pink ombre desk, and twinkle light-adorned brass headboard speak to Lara Jean’s creativity and imagination. And the piles of clothes on the floor, crooked hand-me-down lampshades, and overwhelming clutter is almost too relatable and so overly-emotional teen. 

And that collage wall—a layered look at the life Lara Jean has lived up until this moment, complete with photos, personal pieces of art, and magazine tear-outs—if we had a Pinterest board at age 16, that thing would be front and center.

Chris August, the production designer for “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: P.S. I Still Love You,” which is the second film in the Netflix series, told Curbed that he and his team wanted Lara Jean’s life to feel “real” to those who watched the film.

Jenny Han, who penned the books behind the Netflix films, added that although Lara Jean is always very much in her head, “through her fashion and through her bedroom design, that’s where she really expresses herself.”

And what better way to express oneself then with pictures of besties, images of places you want to go, inspirational quotes, favorite actresses, fashion, colors, etc.

But according to a recent piece from the New York Times, collage walls pieced together from  Vogue pages and spur-of-the-moment Polaroids are a thing of the past. It’s not that the idea of collage walls has become archaic, it’s just that the want for instant gratification has pushed collage walls into a new era.

Some amatuer interior designers are opting to let someone else do the collaging legwork. As the NYT reports, “collage kits,” those being pre-printed and packaged images in coordinating colors, themes, and styles, have spiked in popularity. One Instagram influencer, who goes by Tezza, has even launched her own line of collage kits, ranging from $49 to $89.

The below Dream Kit ($49), for example, is a mixture of “soft dreamy hues and ethereal imagery…consisting of 75 images,” as the ShopTezza site describes.

And Tezza’s standard Collage Kit ($89) contains a whopping “150 high quality prints.” The site explains, “Use all of ’em, half of ’em, rip ’em, tear ’em, add some polaroids, newspaper, maybe a sketch or a painting. Make it YOU!”

There are many, many creatives out there marketing pre-made collage kits, specifically on Etsy alone. This $30 selection includes a mix of vintage-looking snaps in pinks, teals, and black. And we think even Lara Jean would approve of this $60+ botanical mashup kit consisting of 50 colorful plant illustrations. 

Of course, one could argue that the idea of decorating with premade collage kits is the farthest thing from making a space “YOU.” Where’s the fun of putting together a collage wall if you don’t get to take a stroll down memory lane while doing so? Then again, no one can dispute what makes or breaks self expression, and it’s true that beauty and worth is in the eye of the beholder. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, do what ye will.

But if you’re going to ask yourself, What would Lara Jean do? then you may want to start flipping through magazines and printing out photos from that one time at that one place.