What Is "Aging in Place" — And Why Does It Matter? Projects & Improvements
Here’s expert advice on why aging in place is essential and how to do it successfully. 
Sep 20, 2022

A few short months ago, I was only partially aware of the importance of aging in place. My parents recently installed a comfort-height toilet and some grab bars in their bathroom, but that was about the extent of my practical knowledge.

Fast forward to last week, when I went on a walk around their neighborhood and noticed things I never had before — like a beautifully built ramp leading into a ranch home down the street. It had path lighting, too: another aging in place feature that helps homeowners comfortably grow older in their longtime abodes.

My hope is that these six stories give you the primer you need to start making incremental swaps in your home — and help you and your loved ones make a game plan for the years ahead. Cheers to preparing for the future.

— Madeline Bilis, Deputy Lifestyle Director
Additional editing by Megan Baker, Home Projects Director

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