Must-Have Skill for Plant Lovers: How to Add Drainage Holes to PotsPlants & Yard
Cat Meschia of ctrl + curate is a craft blogger based in Gainesville, Florida where she spends her time creating beautiful things that encourage thoughtful living. Known for her affordable small-space solutions and practical yet artistically-driven designs, Cat shares everything from DIY planters to no-weave wall hangings through simple tutorials and inspiration boards.
May 3, 2019
DIY Handpainted Faux Wallpaper: Easy & Beautiful, Even on Textured WallsHome Projects
Meet Katherine Freeman Hocke, a Texas-based artist who specializes in mixed media, layering textures and colors to get her signature look. While she primarily practices her art on canvas and paper (check out her shop here), with her recent purchase of a 1930s home she has begun translating her painterly visions and passion for interiors into DIY-able projects in and around her home.
Jul 31, 2017
Becoming Bicoastal: New York, I Love You. But…Real Estate
In 1996 we bought our first townhouse in New York City. We paid $450,000 for a brownstone on 19th St. between 8th and 9th Ave. that had been vacant for four years. Everybody we knew told us we were crazy to buy it. We had no budget for an architect and did all of the work ourselves. We did a surprisingly decent job. We sold the Chelsea townhouse ten years later for almost 7 million. It was the first of nine townhouses we bought and sold in Manhattan.
Mar 10, 2016
How To: Make Custom Magazine FilesOrganize & Clean
(Welcome to Monika, who is trying out for a spot on the AT:SF editorial team. Enjoy her post!) Since we love design, arts and crafts and collecting things from across the ages, we run into a problem of storage on a daily basis. We have looked for a good solution and have improved our situation with a custom built wall shelf in our loft that is 16 ft wide by 11 ft tall, but we have been looking for a system to organize its contents for awhile now.
Jan 5, 2009
Party Architecture: #2 – StructureLiving
Last night two friends threw their first party since they finished renovating. Everyone was impressed by the colors, the windows, and the furniture. But the party itself felt a little blocked.Why?While the density was about right for the sophisticated air, they hadn’t set the place up for a party. People were trying to talk across the big, blocky (no doubt fashionable) living room furniture.
Dec 16, 2008
Party Architecture: #1 – DensityOrganize & Clean
Ever been to this type of party?You’re invited for 9.You walk in at 10:30.But you’re still early.A few people are sitting around the living room. Others are leaning against the wall. You find the host in the kitchen pouring a drink for someone under the bright, fluorescent light. A plate of crudites sits on top of a stereo playing a blah rock mix. Someone is already saying their goodbyes…Don’t let this happen to you!
Dec 15, 2008
DC House Tour: Polly’s Pomander Walk HouseStyle
This is from DC finalist, Hilary. Comment away!Name: Polly E.Location: GeorgetownSize: 580 sq feetYears Lived In: 2 >> We’ve always loved Pomander Walk, a secret alley of tiny, pastel-colored rowhouses in Georgetown. But even in our fantasies, it seems impossible to imagine where everything would fit. So we were delighted when Polly invited us into her 11-foot-wide, two-bedroom house.
Apr 7, 2008
How To: Make Your Own Dual Purpose TV-MirrorHome Projects
Welcome again to Ann, one of the writers vying for a blogging position at the upcoming AT:Home Tech. Comment away. I love the moment on the decorating makeover shows when they bring out the 40″ LCD display and show how much more style-friendly it is than that clunky 50″ box-television that had been looming over everything. It gets even better when the display is cleverly hidden beneath a framed old master on hinges.
Jan 26, 2007
DWR’s Cubitec ShelvingStyle
(Welcome to Aaron, one of the three finalists vying for a blogging position here at ATNY. Comment away.) It’s rare when DWR’s furniture is actually “within reach” but the Cubitec shelves are an affordable standby in the retailer’s continually-shifting product line. The shallow depth of only 10″ is what really sold me. I used one kit in my teeny-tiny NYC galley kitchen to double my countertop space and storage.
Aug 8, 2006
Post Your Baby: Jamie Pup’s Custom ShelvingLiving
Not one to leave something hanging, we just received a boatload of pics from Jamie PupDear AT,I said in OPT6 that I would send in pics of in wall shelving that I did and also my bathroom. Here are the shelving pics.#1 is a view of the hole that I cut between the studs and the pipes above and below in a 10’X9′ room next to a bathroom and washer/dryer alcove. Hence the pipes and the ductwork for the dryer in that wall.
Sep 15, 2005