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Living in the Future: “I Talk to My Lightbulbs”Life
Every night when it’s time to go to sleep, I follow the same routine: Shut the bedroom door, turn off the lights and meander my way to my bed in the dark, because my light switch—and the only major lighting in my room—is on the complete opposite side of the room. Or at least, I did, until a few weeks ago when I bought a light bulb I could talk to instead.
May 3, 2019
IKEA’s New Collection Is Here To Convince You To Finally Buy a Smart LightbulbDesign Ideas
Update 5/26/17: IKEA announced this week that their smart lighting collection will also come with voice activation, supporting all three major assistants, Siri, Google, and Alexa. 3/31/17: The home of the future just got a lot more accessible. This week, IKEA debuted their new smart lighting collection. If you’ve been curious about smart home tech, but haven’t yet dipped your toe in, the Swedish retailer just made it as easy as—you guessed it—screwing in a lightbulb.
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The Bedside Bare-Bulb Pendant: Get the LookDesign Ideas
Somewhere along the way, the trend of hanging, bare-bulb light fixtures went from being a new trend in the bedroom to a look that’s here to stay. Read the reasons why this look has gotten so popular, see inspiration from gorgeous bedsides and find ways you can buy or DIY this look. For one, the bare-bulb look is incredibly versatile; it’s a simple look that works with a lot of very different decor styles.
May 10, 2016
How Often Should You Replace Your Christmas Lights?Life
Nothing lasts forever. While it’s pretty easy to determine the shelf life of, say, Thanksgiving leftovers, it’s tougher to know when your seasonal decor has gone bad. Holiday lights, like a lot of things in your home, require maintenance and regular replacement. Do you know the life span of your lights? Incandescent bulbs should be replaced every 4-6 years. LED lights last a bit longer, for 7-10 years. Of course, these numbers are just a guideline.
Dec 1, 2014