How to Identify Your Roadblocks to Rest — and Finally Get Some More of ItLife
As a busy, working mother in a bustling city that never sleeps, I confess that so often I don’t get much of it either. I talk a good game and think I’m doing all the things to relax: have a glass of wine, scroll social media and watch my current screen obsession (sometimes all at the same time). But inevitably when I close my eyes, the mental chatter refuses to quiet down because I haven’t truly decompressed.

Welcome to Restival, the week Apartment Therapy celebrates a festival of rest and relaxation. Don't worry, everyone's a VIP and no wristbands are needed.

Rest is something I’m fiercely passionate about. But I know I have a lot of privilege when it comes to how I spend my time; those who work multiple jobs, take care of children, or navigate sharing space and a calendar with others have their work cut out for them. If that’s you, I hope this week’s featured stories will help you find ways to take the rest you deserve.

Along with strategies to get more rest throughout your day, come back this week for tips from parents and caretakers, how to make your bathroom a spa-like retreat, and a fierce yet sleepy debate over couch naps versus bed naps. Happy resting!

— Tara Bellucci, News & Culture Director

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