The “I Like It” Theme at Work in a Melbourne Apartment

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Name: Trish
Location: Preston — Melbourne, Australia
The basics: 3 weeks, owned — 50 square meters/ 538 square feet

Trish knew that with her love of color and collecting she could turn her cookie cutter apartment into a bright and eclectic home, full of endlessly fascinating pieces.

Tell us a little (or a lot) about your home and the people who live there: I just purchased my tiny (TINYYY) apartment. It’s a cookie cutter ‘off the plan‘ basic shoe box, however I knew I could add all the character in the world. I’ve been a collector of curios my entire life and basically breathe color. I previously owned a vintage store in the same town in which I lived, so I have always had the opportunity to discover objects with stories and a wonderful history. If I wasn’t there I was at Sunday morning markets rummaging for treasure. That is what my home is filled with. Nothing goes together, but because they don’t, they kind of do. When people ask me how I can mix contemporary designer objects with rusty old vintage signs, I tell them it’s easy. If I like it, then it’ll go because the theme is that I like it. It’s the only theme anyone needs. At the moment it’s just me who lives here. There will likely be an addition of an adopted greyhound by years end, but for now it’s just myself.

What is your favorite room and why? My favorite room jumps between the living space and the bedroom. Having such a vibrant retreat filled with a ridiculous amount of cushions and color is such a treat to jump into at night, however as most of my time is spent in my living space with friends and wine and music I think it trumps the rest. It’s filled with most of my curios and quirks, and I love when friends visit as they always spot something new and I get to share the story of its past. Everything has a story.

If you could magically change something about your home, what would it be? When looking for my place, natural light was one of my biggest priorities. And although my two main living areas are filled with it, the bathroom and entrance have no natural light which means my plants are quite unhappy (or fake). So I’d love to get a TON of light in there to have a million plants pouring down my shelves.

What’s the last thing you bought (or found!) for your home? I’m always buying and investing in Australian pieces. My main collection is of Australian pottery by a company named Ellis. I’ve been collecting pieces by them for over 10 years now and that got me addicted to local design. We make some really great stuff here. All of my art is by Australian artists, ceramics by Australian creators, and most of my furniture and homewares the same. I love supporting locals, small businesses, and artistic creative people. My latest piece was a clock from a local designer called Capra designs. I have yet to hang it as I haven’t found the perfect place, but it’s all hand made in resin and really unusual, yet still somehow simple.

Which fictional character would be most at home in your place? Ooh good question. I could see ‘Jess’ from New Girl having a bit of a blast. But although they aren’t fictional, I’d really love to show my home to my Nan. She’d be the person most at home here more than anyone I think. She is the person who got me into my style as a kid, dragging me into op shops (charity shops) and filling our Christmas stockings with odd things she found through the year from markets and second hand places. I think she’d be pretty proud.

Trish‘s words of wisdom: Buy what you love, not what you think looks good or what you think others will be impressed by. Buy for you, it’s your house. Spend years evolving your style rather than just buying everything at once on trend, as it’ll date so quickly and just doesn’t have that character and personality. Wait and find the right pieces not the ‘it’ll do’ pieces. Buy great art, art changes rooms completely. Mix old and new, don’t be afraid to clash eras! And lastly, adopt a rescue dog. No home is complete without one to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful home you created!

Thanks, Trish!

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