A Happy Melbourne Home Features a Hot Pink Drum Room and Lightning Bolt and Rainbow Headboards

updated Jul 31, 2020
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A Happy Melbourne Home Features a Hot Pink Drum Room and Lightning Bolt and Rainbow Headboards

updated Jul 31, 2020
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Name: Kate Forsyth, Dave Bunting and son Remy
Location: Footscray, VIC, Australia
Years lived in: 6 years, owned

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Kate and Dave are co-founders of Good Day Club—a super fun Melbourne business that specializes in furniture rentals, event styling, graphic design, and creative workshops. As you might expect, their Footscray home is bursting with bright colors and vintage vibes. But their style goes beyond just a use of bold color—their home is bursting with fun decor elements you don’t see everywhere.

When they first bought their home six years ago, it was “three shades of beige”. However, recently Kate and Dave found the time to repaint almost their entire home themselves in vibrant hues. The colorful walls now provide a fabulous backdrop for their vintage finds, as well as Dave’s custom-built creations under the umbrella of Very Good Products—such as the rainbow headboard in the master bedroom and the fun lightning bolts in Remy’s room.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: A glorious mix of old and new.

Inspiration: Color. Fun things. 20th century stuff. I am inspired by things all the time and everywhere I go. My eyes and imagination are never switched off. I have design dreams—some of which are terrible ideas, others I have used in event designs and at home! 

Favorite Element: The rainbow headboard- we made and our new paint colors! When we bought our house, it was literally three shades of beige, inside and out. We had zero dollars after buying a house and felt it would be a bit bougie to repaint over a fresh paint job, but I felt the beige-ness every single day. The outside is still beige, but we’re planning on tackling that this year too.

Biggest Challenge: Overly orange floorboards. They’re pine and because they were only exposed and polished when the house was renovated (done right before we bought it) six years ago, they’ve been getting more orange by the day. “I want orange floorboards,” said no one ever. 

What Friends Say: Our friends are always really pumped by how colourful our place is, and we have lots of really fun gatherings and parties here, which always seem to turn into wild dance parties and what not.

Biggest Embarrassment: There was a crap hallway frieze with a flower cut-out that I hated with the power of a thousand suns. So when we were painting recently, I bashed it out with a hammer and replaced it with a neon sign, and now it’s one of my favorite things in the whole house. 

Proudest DIY: Ceiling garden complete with DIY disco ball planters—when Remy started crawling around, I quickly realized that it’s not just that you can’t have nice things when you have kids, it’s that you can’t have ANY things. We had to put everything away—plants, knick-knacks, books. So I decided to start a hanging plant garden over our dining table—it gets a lot of morning sun so the plants love it and at the right angle, the sun hits the disco ball planters and it’s a beautiful sunny disco. 

Biggest Indulgence: Lighting. We’ve progressively replaced all of the pendant lighting over the past few years. Being lovers of mixing old and new, lighting is a way to freshen a space filled with vintage furniture, and makes me sleep well knowing we won’t have an electrical fire thanks to old lighting.

Best Advice: Ignore what’s trendy. Don’t read those articles “seven interiors trends you must have / should do away with / blah fucking blah.” Your home is an extension of you, so fill it with items you love. That way you’re decorating is a lifelong, super slow hobby, where you’re picking up an object on holidays, from your local thrift store, some beautiful quality local linen for your bed, a piece of art from a gallery or a friend. It means your home will evolve with you and your furniture and objects will have meaning, and you’ll love them all the more. 

Dream Sources: eBay, Facebook vintage buying groups, op shops and vintage markets. 


Credit: Natalie Jeffcott


  • Living/dining — Dulux: Fair Maiden
  • Entrance / hallway — Dulux: Midnight Sky
  • Front door inside — Goldie, Melting Moment + Fair Maiden
  • Front door outside — Haymes: Vivacious Violet
  • Master bedroom — Dulux: Melting moment (walls/ceiling), Love That Pink (mantle)
  • Remy’s bedroom — Dulux: Island Sea
  • Drum room — Dulux: Watermelon pink (wall), Scampi (mantel)



  • Modular couch — Vintage
  • Rug — Bunnings
  • Record trolley — Vintage
  • Horse statue — Gift from Wellington
  • Pond yacht — Sedonia
  • Mirror boat — Vintage
  • Sideboard — Vintage (I brought it when I lived in Canada and had it shipped back)
  • Planters — Pinkys Store + vintage
  • Kids table and chairs — Facebook vintage group in Melbourne’s inner west
  • Giant monstera — Family heirloom – it’s an offshoot from a plant given to my mum for her 21st birthday. 
  • Art — Jason Parker, Swift + Ctrl V, Lauren Guymer, J Forsyth, Phoebe, Jason McGregor, Greta Parry
  • Baby head candle — You Me and Bones
  • Record player (converted into a bluetooth as well by Very Good Products) — Vintage
  • Painting above it — Lish Barraud
  • Apple shaped fruit bowl — Vintage (Canada)


  • Dinner table — Aristoc table designed by Grant + Mary Featherston. We got it for $30 off Marketplace and Very Good Products resurfaced it as it had a watermark. It’s nice and big for all our loved ones to sit around as we like to have friends/fam over lots. We can do heaps of craft with Remy and it’s just a delight. 
  • Dining chairs + bench — Vintage
  • Disco ball planters — Made by me!
  • Pendant — Sedonia
  • Perspex shapes — Custom job for a wedding
  • Hanging art banner — Charlotte Swinden
  • Paper cranes — From our own wedding, a tribute to my sister who died of cancer
  • Bookshelf — Very Good Products
  • Lustre vases, tupperware, typewriter, swan planter, shell clown money box — Vintage
  • Rugs — Vintage


  • Rainbow bed head — Very Good Products
  • Mid-century wave handle bedsides + sideboard — Vintage
  • Floor lamp — IKEA
  • Clam lamp — Vintage via Marketplace
  • Linen + cushions — Kip + Co, plus a couple of vintage
  • Rug — Vintage from eBay
  • Pendant — Sedonia
  • Horse/unicorns — Vintage
  • Shell mirror — Vintage
  • Trumpet — Vintage (gift from my dad)
  • Shell money box — Vintage (gift from my dad)


  • Lustre vase — Vintage
  • Tooth shaped toothbrush holder — Holiday purchase Singapore
  • Vase used as brush holder — Bridget Bodenham
  • Hanging planters — Kmart
  • Towels/bathmat — Kip + Co


  • Lightning bedhead — Very Good Products
  • Linen + cushions — Kip + Co
  • Rainbow bulldog paste up (named susan alberti) — Swift + Ctrl V
  • Teddies — Model’s own
  • Chest, bedside table, shadow boxes — Vintage
  • Art — Various, incl Tintin prints from Singapore
  • Cloud hooks — Kmart
  • Painted cactus — Vintage IKEA ‘94 – one of my first purchases when I got a job at 14
  • Horse book ends — Vintage
  • Pendant light — Click on furniture
  • Rug — Kmart


  • Rug, drum kit, drum seat, mirror, planters; brass ship thing — Vintage
  • Art — J Forsyth
  • Lamp — IKEA
  • Baby head candle — You Me and Bones
  • Sofa — Good Day Club
  • Pendant — Click on Furniture


Thanks Kate, Dave, and Remy!

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