6 Reasons Why a Colorful Couch is Always a Good Idea

published Oct 5, 2019
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When I moved into my new apartment last month, I was debating between either ordering a classic linen couch or opting for a more fun, modern-looking option like a navy blue velvet couch with gold legs. I went with the latter, and I couldn’t be happier—and not only because I’m spill-prone. The pop of color just makes my living space so much more fun. If you, too, are itching to add some brightness to your space in couch form, the rooms below will give you the extra boost of encouragement you need!

They Help Break Up Monotony

The New Orleans Creole cottage above has some beautiful architectural elements—just look at that exposed brick wall, the gorgeous old-fashioned looking ceiling, and the stunning hardwood floors! However, with the addition of leather chairs, the room turns very reddish-brown. A blue couch provides the right amount of contrast and color without totally overpowering the space, and it makes the room feel a little younger and more fresh.

They’re Just So Cheerful

Is there anything happier than a yellow couch? We didn’t think so (aside from, you know, a puppy sitting on a yellow couch). We bet coming home to this living space at the end of a long day is an instant breath of fresh air. Take a cue from this Oakland apartment dweller and snag your own!

They Can Look Super Chic

Don’t confuse “colorful” with “trendy.” This certainly isn’t always the case! Brightly colored couches can still look super classic when styled with more traditional accessories, as seen in the room above. The marigold piece in the Netherlands home is still the star of the show in our eyes, though!

They Can Tie the Room Together

As this San Francisco house tour proves, there are worse things than being known as the person with the pink couch. This one is playful, feminine, and acts anchors the printed accent chair, wallpaper, and rug. The result? A room that’s fun, but not too over-the-top.

They’re Cozy Looking

If you ask us, colorful couches can make a space look more welcoming and homey. The serene sofa in Chantal Berkelmans’ Dutch home looks like the perfect place to kick back and gather with friends. Nothing is taken too seriously and everyone is welcome to come and hang out.

They Add Warmth

Maybe you live in a rental unit where you can’t paint over your plain white walls. A colorful couch, such as the one pictured here, is a great alternative. This reddish hue adds tons of warmth to the space, no paint required!