This Colorful, Creative UK Home Has a Perfect Retro-Style Plywood Kitchen

Throwback Month

This Colorful, Creative UK Home Has a Perfect Retro-Style Plywood Kitchen

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Square feet
Sq ft

Name: Jo, James, Bella, Annie and Ronnie and Rosa the dog
Location: Cheshire, England
Size:  1270 square feet
Type of Home: 4-bedroom detached house
Years Lived In: 14 years, owned

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We moved into our house to be closer to my sister as we were both pregnant with our first child at the same time. Unfortunately, timing didn’t work out and we ended up moving house two days after I’d given birth! It was easy for me, though, as was still in hospital, so I left it all up to James to sort the move out. It was just a bit chaotic coming home to a different house I’d left before giving birth, having a lot of boxes to unpack and a newborn baby. But thankfully we survived!

Credit: Retro Jo

I was a primary school teacher, but gave that career up after my third child as childcare was so expensive. My husband later set up his own medical writing company, which I help out with. I’ve recently started my own jewelry business selling fiber jewelry (see my Instagram @retrojo5, or retrojo5 on Etsy).

Credit: Retro Jo

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Which time periods/decades inspired your home’s design the most? My biggest love is of mid-century furniture. I just adore the sleek styles that still look modern to this day. This love then extended to our kitchen design. I wanted a retro-looking kitchen and decided it had to be plywood. We found the amazing company Plykea and they very kindly agreed to make the retro-looking cupboards I’d designed. It gives the kitchen a perfect retro look.

Credit: Retro Jo

Following on from my kitchen design, I became passionate about color. During lockdown I started adding color-blocking features to every wall I could. I love a light, bright feel with some intense colors. Color definitely affects my mood and keeps me happy.

I love a ’70s vibe with strong colorful patterns, but also like a modern feel to rooms by mixing retro and contemporary styles.

Credit: Retro Jo

Favorite Element: This has to be the colorful kitchen. Makes me smile every day! I love that I designed it myself and we chose the colors to remind us of the beach.

Biggest Challenge: Basically money! So hard keeping costs down. No advice — just be prepared to spend money.

Credit: Retro Jo

Proudest DIY: We went for a plywood floor. Our builder was fab and researched how best to do this for us (including making grooves in the edges to slot pieces together). Then, to save some money I sanded, sealed, and varnished it all. Nearly finished me off, but again, it was totally worth it! Love it!

Credit: Retro Jo

Biggest Indulgence: Probably doing up the garden. I wanted an industrial feel to it and opted for a concrete patio thinking it would also save us some money (my dad laid his own concrete patio in the ’70s! How hard could it be?). But I was so wrong. It ended up costing us a fortune. Worth it though; I love our concrete patio.

Credit: Retro Jo

Is there something unique about your home or the way you use it? So after moving our kitchen to the back of the house, we ran out of money to convert our old kitchen into a utility and downstairs bathroom. Instead, I gave it all a lick of paint and it’s now used as utility, storage, and a crafting space for my jewelry business and as a gym (which I have to confess only my husband uses). We also have a dining table that is also a pool table! Perfect for parties.

Credit: Retro Jo

Where are your favorite places to buy or find vintage home decor? Have to say my favorite places to find a vintage or retro bargain would have to be Facebook Marketplace and eBay. Definitely takes time and a lot of continuous searching, but you can find a bargain in the end. There are some fab antiques stores nearby to find little treasures, but there’s nothing like winning a bargain eBay find!

Credit: Retro Jo

Finally, what’s your absolute best home secret or decorating advice? Best advice is to go for what you like! I tried the dark interiors trend in my hallway a few years back. I love looking at dark interiors so I thought I’d give it a go, but I know in my heart I’m all about the light and bright. Lived with it for a few years, but in the end, had to change it.  Now I make sure I always go with my gut and decorate how I want. Doesn’t matter if it’s not popular — as long as you love it that’s all that matters (and means you won’t want to change it so often).


Credit: Retro Jo


  • Utility — “Lick 08”
  • Bedroom — Valspar “Bella Rosa”
  • Bedroom — Valspar “Mimi’s Kimono”
  • Tuscan Hills — Wallpaper from Lust
  • Living Room Arches — Valspar “Bella Rosa”
  • Living Room Arches — Valspar “Mimi’s Kimono”
  • Stairs — Graham and Brown Selection
  • Hallway — “Lick Pink 03”
Credit: Retro Jo


  • Sofa — Habitat but purchased off eBay
  • Sideboards — eBay
  • Pink Chairs — Finn Østergaard — eBay
  • Rug — Habitat — eBay
  • Red Floor Lamp — eBay
  • Wall Lights — eBay
  • Ceiling Light — Next
  • Red Vases — Normann Copenhagen
Credit: Retro Jo


  • Plykea Kitchen — IKEA kitchen with fronts in formica colours: Chrome yellow f1485, Maui f5347, and Fog f7961, Plykea
  • Hot Water Tap — Intu Boiling Water Taps
  • Dining Table — Billard Plaisance
  • Pool/Dining Table — Home Leisure Direct
  • Chairs — Retro from eBay
  • Rug — IKEA
  • Sink — eBay
  • Ceiling Lights — eBay, but based on Dar Gaucho lights from Pagazzi
Credit: Retro Jo


  • Dressing Table — eBay
  • Mirror — eBay
  • Cushions on Bed — French Connection
  • Yellow Bedspread — Urbanara
  • Art Behind Bed — This was my wedding dress (Alan Hannah stargazer wedding dress) I cut up and stretched over a canvas
  • Pink Hanging Planter — @by_me_katie on Instagram
  • Pink door knob decor — As Above
Credit: Retro Jo


  • Astro Turf — Huws Grey
  • Gazebo — Wayfair
  • Chairs —
  • Sun Lounger — IKEA but upcycled

Thanks Jo!

This submission’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.

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