Discover the Magic of This Colorful 450-Square-Foot Hollywood Studio Apartment

published Jul 17, 2023
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Discover the Magic of This Colorful 450-Square-Foot Hollywood Studio Apartment

published Jul 17, 2023
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Moving into a home starts a new chapter; it’s the beginning of a story. Within the walls — whether it’s experiencing personal milestones, gathering with friends, or cultivating an aesthetic that matches your personality — magic unfolds. Interior designer Celena Browning experienced this enchantment in her Hollywood studio apartment.

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“When I stumbled upon this gem, I knew it was meant to be,” Browning writes of finding her rental apartment one year ago. “The allure of the space went beyond its physical attributes. It resonated with the warmth of a home, filled with a sense of history and character.”

It’s not surprising that Browning felt the magnetic weight of the space’s history. One of the things that most attracted her — besides the living room being a perfect square — was that the building was once a mansion that was renovated into an apartment complex. It also fit her budget. “My budget for a studio apartment in Los Angeles was $1500, and there were not a lot of spaces within my budget and within the areas I wanted. I’m from NYC so I wanted to live in an area that was walkable so I can feel a little bit at home. I also didn’t have a car when I first moved, so an apartment that I can walk to get groceries and other necessities was a high priority. I was lucky enough to find my apartment on the first try. Once I saw that Trader Joe’s, Target, and Starbucks were all within walking distance, I knew I found the one,” she explains.

Playing into the idea of storytelling, Browning furnished her perfectly square living room with a collection of thrifted pieces. “Each item adds its own touch of uniqueness and tells a story of its own — stories that are whispered through the air, resonating with a beauty that only the heart can perceive,” she shares. 

Even though Browning’s home and furnishings are storied themselves, there’s still room for her to create her own story among them. “It is a place where I can truly be myself, where my imagination takes flight, and where my soul finds solace,” she says. “The story is still being told. I’m just letting it guide me.”



  • Orange couch — Offer Up
  • Purple sofa chair — Facebook Marketplace
  • Beaded curtain — World Market
  • SVARTPOPPEL cushion — IKEA
  • Sanela cushion — IKEA
  • Charter Club throw blanket — Macy’s
  • White photo frames – Michaels


  • Lockehaven peel-and-stick floral wallpaper — Wayfair


Thanks, Celena!

This tour’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.
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