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This Colorful Mumbai Home Houses Three Generations (and Four Distinct Personalities!)

published Aug 5, 2022
Homes Around the World

This Colorful Mumbai Home Houses Three Generations (and Four Distinct Personalities!)

published Aug 5, 2022
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Homeowners’ Names: Harshad Sheth, Pritesh Sheth, Bhumika Sheth, and their 12-year-old child, Jammy
Design professional names: kaviar.collaborative — Kasturi Wagh and Vineet Hingorani
Location: Mahim — Mumbai, India
Size: 1222 square feet
Type of Home: Three-bedroom apartment
Years Lived In: 1 year, owned

“Our home houses three generations and four contrasting personalities,” explains artist Bhumika Sheth, who shares this three-bedroom apartment with partner, Pritesh Sheth, who is the business of manufacturing hand-churned, natural ice-cream under the name of Deepti Ice-creams. Their child, Jammy, also lives in the home, as well as “grandpa” Harshad Sheth. With so many different generations and personalities having to share the same home, the family hired designers Kasturi Wagh and Vineet Hingorani of kaviar:collaborative to help them design the apartment to work for this family of four.

“It is happy and cozy, one that epitomizes style yet is welcoming,” Bhumika explains of the home’s finished design. “The individual spaces are personalized and every room tells a different story. Each bedroom reflects the personality and the taste of the person living in it. The cacophony of the colors and textures of each room flows mellifluously into a melody, making a brick-and-mortar structure to a haven. Our home is vibrant and colorful, yet subtle. It is completely functional yet minimalistic, with more than enough storage for the sentimentalists who live in it.”

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Homeowners’ Style: All of us have very contrasting styles. While I like bright and vibrant colors, textures, and tones (some might even say a little over the top), Pritesh has a subtle and subdued sense of style. And the grandpa has an earthier and ethnic, more traditional sense of style. Jammy has a sporty and experimental sense of style.

Homeowner’s Inspiration: We didn’t have fixed idea of what we wanted, but our previous home was traditional and had heavy woodwork so we wanted something light and fresh. We were open to trying different designs and colors. We completely trusted Kasturi and Vineet’s vision and ideas.

Design Professional’s Inspiration: Our biggest inspiration for the design was the client herself! We tried to base our design and the vibe of the house as a reflection of her own style, attitude, and nature.

Homeowner’s Favorite Element: In the primary bedroom, the wardrobe has been camouflaged by floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The bedroom window has the most gorgeous views of the sunset and because it is mirrored it feels as if you are sitting on an open deck watching the sunset over the Arabian Sea. The teal green textured bed wall just completes the landscape.

Design Professional’s Favorite Element: As architects, we tend to seek cues and visual guides from the site and context. The code approved red fire-fighting pipe, though functionally an important safety feature, is usually regarded as an eyesore and finds itself hidden away from plain sight.

The three pre-existing red pipes were seen as whimsical linear elements that ran through the periphery of the space. They had a certain dynamic and distinct quality to them, which we felt had the potential to be exaggerated. These are visually replicated to form a series of red pipes flowing across the ceiling and walls to form functional elements like seating in the dining space, open shelving for artifacts, and a lighting feature branching through the living and dining spaces. This element is what gives the space its fun, whimsical characteristics and we definitely had a lot of fun designing it!

Design Professional’s Biggest Challenge: The client had a lot of items that they were looking to refurbish and use. The challenge here was to retrofit these items and give them new life in a way where they wouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb but would be perceived as a part of the design. This was the most challenging yet fun part of the design process.

Homeowner’s Proudest DIY: Most definitely the paintings.

Either Biggest Indulgence: Our biggest indulgence has to be the wall with the artwork. A discovery mid-way into the design process revealed the client to be a closet artist. This propelled the idea of setting up the living space as a canvas to showcase her art. A singular wall was picked and converted to a gallery-esque feature with the help of an artist. The minimal 2D line work provides a guide of reference to hang the client’s colorful artwork while also being a conversation piece.

Homeowner: Is there something unique about your home or the way you use it? We had an old brass carved hexagonal plate and a circular hand-painted plate, which were actually wall plates but were converted to coffee tables for the living room.

Design Professional: What’s your absolute best home secret or decorating advice? We love to match our designs with our clients’ personalities. We believe in never chasing the latest trends because trends come and go but designing something that has a meaning or a story behind it never goes out of fashion.



  • “Morning Glory” Asian Paints


  • China Doll Plant — Plant People
  • Tres Candle Holder — SPIN
  • Mini Clay Heads — CLAYMEN
  • Diell Mirror — Home4u
  • LIXHULT Storage — IKEA
  • Round Mirror — Casa Gold


  • All Paintings — Bhumika Desai
  • Nizara Chevron Lumbar Cushion Cover — Nicobar
  • Chidiya Cushion Cover — Abode Dress Studio
  • Throw — ALTROVE
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig — Plant People
  • Sofa Fabric — Bharat Furnishings
  • Wall Art — THE FOURTH SEAT (Abha Patil)


  • Plants and Planter — Plant People
  • Artwork — kaviar:collaborative
  • Chair Upholstery — Bharat furnishing
  • Chien Balloon Dog — The Golden Triangle
  • LIXHULT Storage — IKEA


  • Robusta Terracotta Cups — Nappa Dori
  • Inissia Coffee Machine — Nespresso


  • Aqua Rug — Jaipur Rugs
  • Bed Back and Bed End Fabric — Bharat Furnishings
  • RANARP Lamp — IKEA
  • Wooden Figure — Asint
  • Action Figures — Marvel
  • BANG HEAD HERE — Tyler Street Art


  • Bed Back Fabric and Ottoman Fabric — Bharat Furnishings
  • Plant — Plant People
  • Golden Round Mirror — CASAGOLD
  • Paradise Yellow Bedspread and Pillow Cover — Soosi
  • Iris Vase — Glass Forest
  • Tabita Patterned Carpet — Nestasia


  • Raas Red Wallpaper — Kalakaari haath
  • Hand Weaved Jute Multi-Coloured Rug — Sanskruti Homes
  • Cushions — ALTROVE
  • Hand block Printed Quilt — Myyra
  • Bed Back and Seating Fabric — Bharat furnishings

Thanks Harshad, Pritesh, and Bhumika!

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