This Melbourne House Is Unbelievably Colorful and Cheery Inside

published Aug 22, 2023

This Melbourne House Is Unbelievably Colorful and Cheery Inside

published Aug 22, 2023
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It seems this house, in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, has always fostered creativity. “We first found this house online, fairly early on in our search for houses. We both immediately fell in love; the house itself has a lot of character, and the previous owners were artists who also had a quirky interior decorating style, so we could really envision ourselves in it,” begins Eishi.

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Eishi shares this small home with her partner, Mia, and their two dogs, Sookie and Lala (two 3-year-old Staffy cross sisters). “When we were moving in, they lamented that they would’ve left more of the installation art up if they had known we were the ones who were going to buy it, which was very sweet,” Eishi continues. 

Eishi and Mia have added their own art all over this house, through fun homewares, cool DIY projects, and lots and lots of murals. Eishi explains that her favorite thing about the home “is seeing multiple murals and colors clash and contrast from different perspectives.”

“It’s really fun seeing the layering and depth that comes with the addition of each new mural, DIY project, and quirky homeware item,” she continues. “I am so excited to keep painting and adding and creating in this house; we really have just started and there’s so much more to do!”

Eishi shares that the original house “has been here for over 100 years, and was originally part of a farm, which covered most of this street. The previous owners left us the historical photos of it which is amazing; this area used to look so different! It has been through a few different renovations and honestly, the layout is pretty confusing, but we love it nonetheless.”



  • All murals — Taubman paints in the colors: “Hello Sailor” “Green Pear” “Coolaide” “All Black” “Grape Passion” “Orange Passion” “Fireside” “Resplendent” “Crimson Belle”


  • Chairs — Facebook Marketplace
  • Lamp — Facebook Marketplace
  • Yellow storage cube — IKEA


  • Sofa — Facebook Marketplace
  • Coffee table — Rubbish (upcycled by Mia)
  • Rug — Facebook Marketplace
  • Lamp — Op-shop (upcycled by me)


  • Dining table — Hand-me-down
  • Everything else — Facebook Marketplace or Op-shops




Thanks Eishi!

This tour’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.
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Correction: An earlier version of this post mistakenly said this home is 500 square feet. It’s actually closer to 1400 square feet. We’ve updated it to be more accurate. Hopefully, we can blame it on Mercury retrograde.