Commit to Yourself: Make a Mindful Moments Wall

published Sep 28, 2016
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As summer slips into autumn, the return of the hectic schedule is inevitable: taxiing the kids (or yourself) to and from school and sports, working longer hours, squeezing in grocery runs for weeknight dinners. But as fall gets going, don’t forget to make some me-time.

To help you remember, we developed this simple Mindful Moments Wall that uses Command™ Strips, Clips, and Hooks to help keep you at the center of your scheduling. It’s attractive enough to keep in plain sight while still a helpful daily tool. You can download and print some mantras we came up with to help you stay centered, clear and calm — if even for only a moment — or come up with your own.

(Image credit: Jay Wen)

Gather Your Materials

The idea behind this display is to create space for yourself. At the center of it all is a place to post a daily or weekly mantra. You can of course get creative with your display, adding meaningful mementos and other inspiring objects, but here are the basics of what to round up…

  • Things You Love: Collect a few easy-to-hang things that make you feel good. Photobooth pics of your best friends, a card from Mom…whatever gives you a little lift when you look at it. Just make a note of what these objects weigh because this will determine which of the Command Brand products you’ll need.
  • Something Living: Add something that makes your home feel fresh, whether it’s plants you can hang on the wall or a vase of cut flowers. (Same note as above on weight!)
  • A Wall Calendar: Something you can write on is best, but anything that lets you see multiple days at a glance works.
  • A Picture Frame: Use this to frame a motivational message at the center of your display. A simple phrase like “This Week I Will…” or “My Mantra for Today” reminds you what’s really important.
  • Mindful Mantras: You can download our mantras below, or write your own to help you stay centered.
  • Command Spring Clips: These peel-and-stick clips won’t damage walls, they work on various surfaces, and come in two colors: sleek, sophisticated Slate and simple, clean Quartz. Just read the box for installation instructions, noting the max weight each will take.
  • Command Picture Hanging Strips: No nails needed. Just like the clips, these don’t damage walls and come in a few different sizes, depending on the weight of what you need to hang.
  • Command Designer Hooks: This is what we used to hang the planters. (We used the medium size, with a 3-pound capacity; the largest sizes can hold up to 7.5 pounds!) Use them, damage-free, on paint, wood, tile and more.
(Image credit: Jay Wen)

Make Your Mindful Moments Wall

To treat yourself to an oasis of calm in the middle of your busy day, install your display. Here’s how…

  • Hang Your Framed Motivational Message With Command Picture Hanging Strips
    Find the weight of your frame, then choose the corresponding Command Picture Hanging Strips. Max weights are listed on each product. Clean and prep your wall with rubbing alcohol, then follow the instructions on the package to hang them. (We covered Picture Hanging Strips in this post; click through for detailed application instructions!) Repeat the process to hang your calendar and any other framed pictures.
  • Add Command Spring Clips to Hold Your Daily Mantras
    Now comes the star of the wall. Install the Spring Clips on the wall where you’ll store your mantra bank, and on wherever you’ll clip the mantra in focus. The great thing about the clips is that they work on different surfaces: paint, wood, tile and more, so you can use them on frames made of almost any material.
  • Hang Larger Objects With Command Designer Hooks

    As with almost all Command Brand products, Command Designer Hooks come in different sizes. They also come in multiple styles and finishes. Our hanging wall planters are less than three pounds each, so we used the medium size. To install, follow the instructions on the box.

(Image credit: Jay Wen)

Make Your Mantras

This is the most important part! For whatever period of time works for you, channel one thought to help keep you centered. We’ve come up with a few that we can all work on. Download them here and cut them out. (We used edging shears to get the fancy borders.) Make a short but deliberate ritual of posting your mantra, and return to it as your day wears on. You’ll be amazed at how the little things can create a bigger, happier whole!

And, if you have any mantra ideas of your own, be sure to share them with your fellow AT readers in the comments below.

(NOTE: If your project requires other Command Brand products such as hooks and ledges, make sure to check the package instructions!)

Whenever you need a little extra motivation, simply switch up your mantra wall. With no nail holes and so many different ways to display things, it’s easy!

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