A Legit Wine Fridge Is Hiding in This 100-Square-Foot Kitchen

published Aug 10, 2023
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Kitchen in new york apartment after renovation/decorating. Blue tall cabinets, gray cabinets over sink, white marble island with 2 stools, shelves for glasses, etc. White countertops and tile backsplash. Brass accents and hardware
Credit: Vero Suh

As a New York City renter, I’m all too familiar with the need for clever ways to maximize (limited) kitchen storage. Whether it’s hiding measuring spoons in a spot that won’t take up too much space, or adding renter-friendly DIY shelves to stash extra dishware — many small-space dwellers tend to make design decisions based primarily on utility. 

However, what if an appliance could be both functional and luxurious? Just because an item might not be integral to a kitchen’s overall functionality doesn’t mean it can’t benefit your life — especially if it’s smaller in size. 

The clever (and super discreet!) addition to the 100-square-foot kitchen in Michelle Trinh’s Paris-inspired NYC apartment is a reminder that, when making decisions about what to bring into your tiny kitchen, it’s OK to have a little fun. Here’s how Trinh inspired me with a deluxe-but-subtle appliance.

Credit: Vero Suh

How a Mini Wine Fridge Adds Luxury and Functionality to Her Kitchen

The kitchen is no exception to Trinh’s Paris-adjacent decor. “I used to live in Paris, and wine is a huge part of the culture,” she shares. “It definitely inspired my home’s decor as well as my version of ‘joie de vivre.’” 

As a white wine and Champagne fan, Trinh wanted to add a wine fridge to her kitchen, even though her space was limited. 

“To my surprise, my architect, J7 Design, found a seven-bottle, 6-inch-wide wine fridge that was just perfect,” Trinh says. “It’s the perfect size for one person. My friends and I love to host wine nights, so it’s important for my kitchen to be customized to my lifestyle.”

And because the EdgeStar wine cooler is so slim and narrow, it’s barely noticeable. Trinh admits that most guests don’t even realize it’s there until she points it out, but its compactness is one of her favorite aspects of the appliance. 

“I also love that it holds my favorite bottles of Sancerre, Chablis, and Champagne ready for a spontaneous celebration,” Trinh shares. “Its sleek and narrow profile fits perfectly in a tight space and is simple to use.”

If you’re working with a smaller kitchen, Trinh understands not wanting to compromise or sacrifice any desires. She recommends planning ahead and looking for brands — like Bosch or Miele — that make appliances fit for apartments or compact spaces. 

“I believe that you can still live luxuriously in small spaces. Even though my apartment is only 700 square feet, I wanted all the amenities of a larger home and kitchen,” Trinh says. “I didn’t compromise on any features I wanted, and we found a way to squeeze it all in.”
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