This Adjustable $18 Organizer Completely Transformed My Dresser Storage

published Aug 20, 2023
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Wooden dresser topped with matching table lamps in Brooklyn apartment.
Credit: Erin Derby

I’m fortunate to have a surprising amount of storage space in my New York City apartment, but I’ve adopted an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality for anything that’s stashed behind closed doors or drawers. Read: most of my closets look… chaotic. That’s also true for the inside of my six-drawer dresser — it’s one of my favorite furniture pieces (I bought it from a local vintage store), but it’s hardly huge by any means, and I have a lot of clothing. I’ll let you do the math there. Aside from a few small baskets I use for socks, it’s definitely lacking in the organization department altogether. 

Drawer organizers or dividers have never been a huge shopping priority for me, especially since I’ve had three different dressers in just as many apartments over the past few years. I never wanted to buy something specifically for one, just to have it be too tall or deep to fit in a future drawer. Recently, though, I tested The Container Store’s 4-inch Dream Drawer Organizers, and it’s the greatest, most adaptable accessory I wish I’d bought years ago. 

Landing a spot as one of the Best Closet & Bedroom Organizers in our 2023 Organization Awards, the Dream Drawer Organizers are, in fact, an absolute dream to have on hand. The set includes two spring-loaded, expandable dividers, which can adjust from 12 to 18 inches long, depending on the size of your drawer and storage needs. 

They’re incredibly compact, hardly taking up already valuable space, and the white coloring blends in well. You can customize their alignment, too, and space them out as close or far apart as you want. Best of all, they take mere seconds to install, and no tools are needed. 

These have been absolute game-changers for my bottom left dresser drawer specifically — it’s a random hodgepodge of pajamas, plus leggings and workout shorts (don’t ask why). After putting in two of the Dream Drawer Organizers, I now have three designated “zones” to neatly categorize my clothes and easily access whatever I need.

Amazingly, both dividers haven’t budged an inch, staying locked in place with built-in rubber feet, but optional adhesive strips are included, as well. For $9.99, you can also buy a pair of smaller additional separators that fit in between, if you want even more storage opportunities.

Credit: Blair Donovan

Even though I’ve only used these organizers in my dresser (and don’t plan to take them out, ever), they could work beyond the bedroom — they’re perfect for decluttering large kitchen or bathroom drawers, too, as long as they’re taller than four inches. Ultimately, for just $17.99, these two little pieces have totally transformed my clothing storage for the better. 

Yes, the Dream Drawer Organizers can get expensive if you’re stocking up on multiple sets, so I’d suggest prioritizing a particularly disorganized spot, like your junk drawer or top dresser drawer. Gone are the days of digging around for your favorite T-shirt or cami!

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Buy: The Container Store 4″ Dream Drawer Organizers, $17.99