A Modern, Industrial, Boho Small/Cool Space

Name: Lindsay Varley

Instagram: @lazorrn

Size: 780 sq ft

Home type: Studio apartment

Location: Emeryville, CA

Years lived in: 1 year, rented

Household: Husband

Have any design professionals worked on this space: No

How did you use color in your space? I used Behr Ultra in Glazed Pot to paint a backdrop on the wall behind our bed. The space used for our "bedroom" was too small for a bed frame with a headboard so I improvised! I simply painted a half moon circle on the wall and placed a shelf above so that I can incorporate plants and add a splash of color to our bedroom! I love the Glazed pot color of the paint in contrast with the greens from the plants.

Describe your space:

We moved into our studio apartment during quarantine so furnishing it was tricky. I found almost everything online or through Craigslist/FB Marketplace. There are no closets but the ceiling is very high so I found tall furniture and used lots of shelves to decorate the walls while utilizing them for storage. My vision was to keep it simple but use lots of plants to decorate since this east-facing apartment gets so much light! It's the smallest, coolest space because every inch and corner is utilized without overcrowding. I love it because each piece of furniture and corner has a purpose!

Did you DIY anything in your space? And, if so, what's your favorite DIY?

The lockers were my biggest and first DIY. I found two 8 feet tall lockers on Craigslist. They were a dull brown color so I spray painted them white. To maximize the storage, I found a wooden bookshelf that I painted white to fit in between the lockers. Another DIY project was our "closet." My husband put copper piping on the wall opposite our bed that we use as a clothing rack!

How do you make your small space work for you and feel bigger than it really is?

Our lockers/bookshelf unit is our genius storage solution. One of the lockers we call the "Covid" locker because it has our vitamins and medicine in it! Our most recent genius storage solution was the mid-century modern wall shelving unit with cabinet that we turned into a desk area. My husband went back to school recently and he needed a desk area. I used a portion of the wall space next to the lockers and turned it into his work space without having to use too much floor space. Although our apartment is only 780 sq feet, the ceilings are high so I maximize the height we have in exchange.

How does your home reflect you?

My husband and I love to travel and when we do we try to find the coolest and most unique places to stay. Our home reflects us because it has trinkets and pieces of all the places we have loved and traveled to. I love that there are many different corners of our home that each give a different feel. The hanging chair near the window is perfect for our morning coffee or afternoon book. Our bedroom nook (although there is no door) feels cozy in the corner. I wanted our apartment to feel warm and open. The large industrial windows definitely helped us achieve that goal!