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A Boho, Mid-century, '70s Disco Small/Cool Space

Name: Ayme King

Instagram: @mybohoinsoho

Size: 580 sq ft

Home type: One-bedroom apartment

Location: New York City, NY

Years lived in: One year on April 1, rented

Household: Just me

Have any design professionals worked on this space: Ayme King- AVP of store design and visual merchandising at Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

How did you use color in your space? I used a palette of green, blue, coral, yellow and grey to add warmth and individuality to the space. Most walls has a different panel... some wrapping round corners, others around a piece of furniture, mirror or clock. Paint is such an easy way to make a huge impact in any space. I used color to help define areas within the apartment, I love the disco ball above my dining table and the teal large scalloped rug underneath really helps to define the space.

Describe your space:

I moved to New York (from London) in Feb 2020 and got the keys to my first NYC apartment in April 2020! Creating a home during lockdown gave me the ability to channel my creative energy into designing a space I love and happy to be in 24/7! Majority of the furniture are vintage unique pieces, mixing mid century and boho styles to create a home that truly reflects my personality. A home that you can relax in but is also the perfect spot for a party (one day soon I hope).

Did you DIY anything in your space? And, if so, what's your favorite DIY?

I love color and painted the wall murals by hand in the living room, I started with very straight lines and then gee with confidence and added circular shapes. One of my favorites is the mustard yellow circles I hand painted around my mid century clock. I also dip-dyed the large fan in the living room as really like to add a unique twist to all things in my home.

How do you make your small space work for you and feel bigger than it really is?

I'm super lucky that I have quite a few closets in my apartment, and have added in extra shelving and storage boxes to really maximize the space. I can be a neat freak and like things to have a home to clever storage elements are key. My vintage console in the living room, not only a beautiful piece but gives me tons of extra storage space.

How does your home reflect you?

I really believe a home should reflect your personality... I'd like to think my home is welcoming, fun, colorful and has a unique sense of style! There is a lot to take in but it works... with lots of small details that you notice over time. A space where you want to stay a while, and leave with a smile on your face.