This Family Discovered a 1970s Conversation Pit While Renovating Their Living Room

published Mar 27, 2023
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They were looking for cracks in the foundation where radon, an odorless and invisible radioactive gas, could seep through. Instead, they found a “hidden treasure.”

TikTok user @larakillebrewderd has gone viral after she posted a series of clips documenting her family’s unexpected discovery of a decades-old pink conversation pit hiding beneath their carpet. 

In her first video, you see the carpet being peeled back. She explained that they did this after noticing some peculiarities. “We were told our floors were all laid on a concrete slab,” she later said. “Creaks told us otherwise!”

She added: “There were other unexplained oddities in the room as well. The fireplace was too close to the ground. There was an adobe hump against the wall with no apparent purpose. And there was no practical way to orient the furniture in the room.”

The second video then reveals the reason why the space was kind of strange. Upon removing the carpet, it’s revealed that there are wooden boards and even a wooden platform concealing a conversation pit from the 1970s.

For those unaware, a conversation pit is an architectural feature that encourages socialization by having seats face each other in a semi-circle inside a sunken area, usually in a living room. This space typically has pillows, cushions, small tables, and thick carpets, all contributing to a convo-friendly atmosphere. It was a popular feature in the 1950s but lost its appeal in the 1970s. 

Today, many homeowners are reviving this trend as more people seek face-to-face interactions after a period of isolation during the pandemic.

According to the content creator, her family has decided to keep the conversation pit and restore it to look brand new. In her third clip, you see the feature looking better after the dust and dirt are cleaned out, and some lamps and pillows are added. It looks so cozy already!

Her followers agreed that restoring the conversation pit was the best decision, and that they can’t wait to see the finished project. A commenter said it perfectly: “It blows my mind that someone would cover that up, but I’m glad they did, because what a fun adventure! I’ve always dreamed of finding a hidden treasure.”

You can see more updates about the conversation pit on TikTok.