This Pillow Will Keep Your Arm From Falling Asleep When You’re the Big Spoon

updated Nov 5, 2020
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(Image credit: Coodle Pillow / Amazon)

How many times have you been laying in bed, cuddling with your S.O. and your arm has fallen asleep? Being the big spoon can be great at times, but it comes with the disadvantage that you have to awkwardly lay on your arm. More often than not, your arm will fall asleep and start to tingle, while the little spoon will be none the wiser.

Sometimes, being the little spoon can be just as uncomfortable as being the big spoon. Because, when you’re the little spoon, the person behind you tends to put their arm under your head and/or under your pillow. That isn’t exactly comfortable either person, because who wants to lay on an arm or a bumpy pillow? Now, these issues for both the big and little spoon are just a thing of the past.

Meet the Coodle Pillow! The pillow is designed with four plastic braces that support the weight of your head and keep pressure off of cuddle partner’s arm. The Coodle Pillow isn’t just for snuggling (though it obviously is best for big spoons), it can also be used when you’re watching TV and want to lay on your side, or using your smartphone comfortably.

(Image credit: Coodle Pillow / Amazon)

The product description reads:

This tunnel-shaped pillow is designed to prevent pressure, numbness, and pain on limbs while sleeping or resting. Inside each pillow are four arched plastic braces. These braces serve to block any pressure from pressing against an arm or leg. Can be used solo or with a partner. Excellent support for side sleeping, cuddling, reading, watching TV, or using electronic devices. Great for camping or road trips.

The Coodle Pillow is a concept from real-life couple Bob and Shirley. Bob thought of the design when he was just out of college, after years of being used to working with materials. The idea came to him when he and his girlfriend, Shirley, were laying on the couch watching TV one night. He cut up a foam pillow, then bent plastic and put it in the oven to come up with the tunnel shape. Together, the couple began selling the pillow at a trade swap after getting it patented and now they sell it online.

You can order a Coodle Pillow from Coodle on Amazon for $49, and sleep tight… without any limbs falling asleep in the process.