TikTok’s Favorite Grandma Spills Her Secret Tool for Cooling Cookies Fast — and You Probably Already Have It

published Dec 15, 2022
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TikTok’s favorite grandma Barbara “Babs” Costello (aka @brunchwithbabs) somehow has helpful tips and tricks for just about every single household woe you can imagine, from how to properly load your dishwasher to removing kitchen odors with ease. Naturally, she’s also a pro at making holidays as stress-free as can be, recently sharing her helpful hack for baking batches of cookies with minimal space to store them as they cool.

In Costello’s latest TikTok video, the mom of four (and grandma of eight, plus nearly three million surrogate TikTok grandkids), the viral sensation can be seen whipping up her signature molasses spice cookies. In the clip, she also shares her innovative “why didn’t I think of that?” hack for seamlessly cooling all your cookies.

“Did your mom ever tell you, when baking Christmas cookies, don’t use your counter space? Use your ironing board instead,” she says, showing off three different types of cookies cooling on her board. “Just remove the cover, wipe it down, and now you have an instant cooling rack for all your Christmas cookies.” She then goes on to detail the process of making her molasses spice cookies, joking that she’s a “dunker” with the finished product and a glass of milk.

Costello shared more of her cookie hacks with “Good Morning America.” After cookies are completely cooled on your makeshift cooling rack, you can store them in a holiday tin lined with parchment paper and a piece of white bread to help them keep fresh longer, especially if you’re not giving them out right away.

For chewier cookies with perfect flavor, she recommends ensuring that butter is at room temperature — you can place it under a hot cup for five minutes to speed the process along if you forget. Then, she recommends chilling your cookie batter before working with it or baking, as it will help bring all the flavors together.

Thanks to Costello, as always, for coming up with solutions that make so much sense and solving just about any problem imaginable.