The Ridiculously Soft Cooling Sheets That Are Getting Me Through the NYC Summer Heat Wave

published Jul 19, 2023
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Small bedroom shot from a doorway; bed with white linens, green botanical wallpaper on facing wall with two windows, straw pendant light over bed.

Despite growing up in the most insufferably warm state (Texas, in case you were wondering), I’ve never handled the heat well, and it was so overwhelming that my intolerance extended indoors, too. Even after cranking down the thermostat, I still seemed to sweat no matter what. Especially under all of my bedding at night. So when I moved to New York City for college, I thought I would be leaving the sweltering heat behind me. As you might expect, I very quickly realized that I was sorely mistaken. Despite the cold winters, the summer months are unbearably stuffy and gross, helped along by ineffective (or complete absence of) AC units.

I’ve experienced this 10x over the past month while I’ve been moving to a new apartment and hauling things up and down stairs and between rooms. It’s a whole other level, too, thanks to the extreme heat that’s swept over, well, everywhere this summer. But, luckily, every time I went to sleep, I’ve had a slight reprieve since I added the Coop Cool+ Sheets to my new bedroom setup. I’m not usually one to be super picky over my bedding, but after trying these out, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my old cotton set.

What is the Cool+ Sheet Set?

These sheets are crafted with a blend of nylon and spandex, which makes them incredibly soft to the touch. They stay in place with a strong elastic around the hem — and if you want to go all in on the Coop bedding train, it even has button holes to attach to their Exhale All Season Adjustable Comforter to ensure an even more secure fit and coverage.

But I know what you’re all really interested in: how well they keep me cool. The retailer tests their fabrics in a lab for “feel temperature,” and this set scored an impressive .428 out of .500, which the brand claims makes it “far cooler to the touch than bamboo, silk, or other name-brand synthetic fabrics.” I believe it.

If you sweat while you sleep like me, the fabric is moisture-wicking, too, and though maybe less important (though it is to me), the sheets are wrinkle-free and look smooth even after tons of use. Last but not least, the set comes with two pillowcases in addition to the fitted and top sheets.

Credit: Coop Sleep Goods

Why I Love the Cool+ Sheet Set

Before now, you would’ve never caught me spending over $100 on sheets — I just never thought they were really all that crucial to getting a good night’s sleep. I know, I know: I now realize the error of my thinking. These sheets really are that good: Though my experience with pricer options is admittedly limited, I’ve never felt smoother and softer sheets in my whole 22 years.

After washing and drying them, they really did emerge with no wrinkles in sight, which was the first win in my book — I hate it when my perfectly made bed doesn’t look crisp enough because of the creases in the fabric. Next, I was seriously impressed with how seamless the process was of putting them on my full-size mattress (I’ve experienced my fair share of corners not staying put while making my bed). And after a little over a week of sleeping on them, they didn’t budge once, even through all my tossing and turning.

As for the most important part, they majorly cooled me down every time I slipped into bed after a long day of lugging furniture up my stairs — and when my lackluster central AC unit simply was just not getting the job done amidst the 90-degree weather. This set was a serious lifesaver. I even didn’t feel the need to shuck my duvet to the side. I was sweating a bit because I always do, but I wasn’t sticking to the sheets uncomfortably like I’m accustomed to with my typical cotton set. I usually don’t even like keeping a top sheet on, but the Coop set has totally changed my stance because it was that cozy and non-restrictive, due to the stretchiness of the fabric.

That’s right: This set made me a top sheet convert after years of forgoing one — so if that doesn’t convince you that these sheets are more than worth the splurge, I’m not sure what will. In addition to being a summer essential, of course, I even noticed my hair appearing less frizzy, which I can only think happened because of how silky the material is. So really, for how much they’ve changed my sleeping experience for the better, I can assure you that they are an amazing investment.

Buy: Cool+ Sheet Set, $149