The 10 Best Cozy Essentials to Hibernate With This Winter

updated Apr 23, 2021
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Once the holidays have passed, winter can seem like a bit of a black hole. It’s darker, it’s colder, and the end doesn’t feel in sight—you get my drift. Plus, with all the extra time many people already spent indoors in 2020, there’s a chance that winter doesn’t feel like the welcome slowdown that it typically does. 

The solution? Embrace the hibernation. I’m focusing on trying my hand at a few new hobbies (meditation and needlepointing) and plan to take the coziness in my home up a notch with wintry essentials that’ll warm my space both physically and metaphorically. Here are a few picks to help you do the same.

Credit: IKEA

1. RENS Sheepskin

No list about winter decor would be complete without maybe the most classic cozy essential, an IKEA faux sheepskin. Whether you use yours as a throw or a rug, this piece is 100 percent a must-have for all those nights you have planned on the couch this month. It’d also be great right next to the side of your bed.

Buy: RENS Sheepskin, $30.00 from IKEA

2. Comfort Zone Candle

There’s no better way to set the mood for a cozy night in than by lighting a delicious-smelling candle. Aptly named “Comfort Zone,” this coconut-soy wax blend is scented with notes of coffee and cedarwood to channel the “joy of missing out.” Yes, please!  

Buy: Comfort Zone Candle, $24.00 from Anecdote Candles

3. Little Glass Table Lamp

Thanks to its milky glass shade, the soft diffused light this mini lamp gives off is like a built-in Instagram filter. If you ask me, it’s the perfect winter swap for harsh overhead pendants.

Buy: Little Glass Table Lamp, $39.00 from Urban Outfitters

Credit: Overstock

4. Tufted Floor Pillow

Meet your new living room must-have: the oversized floor pillow. Even if we’re not currently in the era of having guests over (during which it’d be especially useful as extra seating), a big plush perch goes a long way in upping the cozy factor of your home. Use it as a meditation cushion in the morning or relocate your “Bridgerton” marathon from the couch to the floor for a little change of scenery.

Buy: Safavieh Blue Velvet Tufted Floor Pillow, $49.49 from Overstock

Credit: L.L. Bean

5. Sherpa Throw

Fluffy, snuggly sherpa is practically synonymous with the word “cozy,” so this is a no-brainer. With sherpa on one side and soft fleece on the reverse, this taupe throw comes in two sizes, so you can go bigger if you have a partner (or pet) that’s a blanket hog. Plus, it’s from L.L. Bean, and who knows winter comfort better than them?

Buy: Wicked Plush Sherpa Throw, Starting at $49.95 from L.L. Bean

6. Actually Curious Card Game

This is bound to give you the warm fuzzies—feelings, that is. Actually Curious is a card game with a twist, focusing on simple and easy prompts meant to deepen your connection with yourself and your fellow “players.” It’s a great entertainment solution for when you’ve blown through all the new series that Netflix has to offer for the month.

Buy: Actually Curious Curiosity Deck, $25.00 from Actually Curious

Credit: The Chai Box

7. Chai Sampler Box

Whether you’re trying your hand at “Dry January” or just like an evening cuppa, this tea sampler box should be on your winter wishlist. IMO, chai is the ideal seasonal sip—a little spicy and nuanced, but still warm and comforting. With this assortment, you can taste your way through a variety of samples (like the classic “All Chai’d Up” and the tropical “Sweet Monsoon”) to find a new favorite blend.

Buy: Chai Sampler Box, $45.00 from The Chai Box

8. Cozy Up Pillow

Every person needs a pillow emblazoned with their personal mantra, even if said mantra is a statement of pure, luxurious laziness. Embrace going nowhere this winter with this playful faux fur lumbar design that’s the perfect size for a side chair or bed accent.

Buy: Cozy Up Buttercup Pillow, $58.00 $46.40 from Anthropologie

Credit: Target

9. Cook and Carry Slow Cooker

Coziness and comfort can mean many things to many people. To me, it at least partially means food. What better way  to cook up a soul-warming stew or soup than in a hands-off slow cooker? This select from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia serves up style—and dinner—at a can’t-be-beat price.

Buy: 6-Quart Cook and Carry Programmable Slow Cooker, $39.99 from Target

10. Heatbag

If you’ve never used a hot water bottle, I’m here to tell you that you’re missing out on one of life’s great little luxuries. From the people that brought you the Ostrich Pillow comes its equally legit cousin, the Heatbag. Covered in memory foam, this device has a clay and water center that can be heated to deliver cozy warmth while lounging in bed or reading on the couch.

Buy: Heatbag, $60.00 from Ostrich Pillow