This Craigslist Moving Ad Is a Heartfelt Testament to the Power of Letting Stuff Go

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Moving is extremely stressful. Once you’ve found the perfect house or apartment, the hard work is just beginning; you still have the not-so-easy task of packing up everything you own, moving it to another location, unpacking it all again, and living out of boxes for a while. Even if you’re excited about a new beginning, inevitably, you’ll encounter some relics from your past. Which is exactly what happened to a New York City-based writer when she posted an ad for a moving sale on Craigslist.

If you’re scrolling through Craigslist looking for moving sales in Lower Manhattan, the Moving On Is Hard To Do Sale will immediately catch your eye. In a world where most moving sale listings scream at you in all caps and try to haggle prices, this one tugs at your heartstrings and appeals to your inner human. The writer decided that everything must go, so the sale is a way for her to let go and start fresh.

The Moving On Is Hard To Do Sale listing advertises items from a Financial District apartment that you’d find at any moving sale: a queen-sized mattress, a dining set, books, children’s toys, rugs in various sizes, and more. But instead of sharing the dimensions or the condition of the items, the writer shared their sentimental values instead.

Of her set of four dining chairs, she writes: “There used to be six chairs, but as I got older, I realized I only needed 4. That happens when you grow up. You start worrying more about the quality of your friendships and less about the quantity of friends.”

Of her queen-sized mattress, she writes: “I had beautiful dreams in this bed, dreams about flying, about shooting through the air, and leaving this city behind me, dreams about landing in a foreign place where no one would know my name. And when I woke up, I believed that maybe I could start over with another someone who was capable of loving me like I deserved to be loved. Anyway, this mattress has no stains, no damage, and the tears have dried.”

The touching listing is so much more than an ad for a moving sale; it’s a powerful personal essay that reflects back on an old relationship, dreams accomplished, and memories, both sweet and bittersweet, from previous lifetimes. It’s also a testament to the power of letting stuff go, both physical and emotional.

Homes are more than where we eat and sleep; they’re where we fall in love, become parents, get our hearts broken, and pursue our dreams. They’re where we live, and this touching Craigslist ad is a beautiful reminder of that.

The Moving On Is Hard To Do Sale will take place on Saturday, June 15th. All of the proceeds will be donated to Moms for Moms, a local non-profit that provides assistance to single mothers in need around New York City.