Love Tiny Things? This Popular Instagram Now Has a Book Devoted to All Things Mini

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Credit: Kate Strzinek

There’s no getting around it—tiny things are adorable. And I’m not just talking about tiny newborn kittens that can fit into the palm of your hand. (Though OMG, are those cute, too.) I’m talking about our collective fascination with miniaturized things, which has become something of an Instagram craze in recent years. If you don’t believe me, just check out @dailymini, an Instagram account run by Kate Esme Unver, who calls herself a “miniac.” (In other words, she REALLY likes mini things.)

Unver’s been featuring teeny-tiny creations made by talented artists from around the world for years now, and sharing them with her thousands of loyal fans. In fact, the account has become so popular, she just published a book. It’s called “The Book of Mini: Inside the Big World of Tiny Things,” and it’s packed with many of the same awe-inspiring images that Unver fills her Instagram feed with.

Things like… impossibly tiny avocado toast.

Credit: Amy Staffaroni

And itty-bitty donuts.

Credit: Malena Sullivan

Even pint-sized Big Macs!

Credit: Leah Yao

And mini M&Ms—YUM!

Credit: Trudi Malalgoda

It’s not all about tiny food, though. There are also plenty of photos devoted to tiny furniture, cityscapes, and other miniaturized objects.

Like this adorable recreation of the New York City underground from decades past…

Credit: Alan Wolfson

Or this incredibly tiny ConAir blowdryer, which is like a time portal back to the ’80s.

Credit: Jose Maria Bolio

And how cute is this tiny office set-up, complete with tiny Hermes boxes?

Credit: Phillip Nuveen

According to, the book, which was released on April 16, is the result of Unver’s six years of content curation on Instagram, and more than two decades of collecting miniatures from around the world. All told, it features over 250 never-before-seen works of “mini art,” that are no bigger than a quarter. (Now that’s tiny.)

Each and every work of art was created by a talented artist from across the globe, and ranges from tiny food images to wildlife to pottery and more. You’ll also get to read interviews with collectors and artists, which according to Daily Mini, “explore their methods, influences, and how they came to adore everything mini.”

Credit: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers

Do yourself a favor and go grab a copy now—and get ready to get lost in some incredible small-scale images you won’t believe were made by hand.