This Easy DIY Repurposes Old Dartboards into Functional Furniture

published Oct 16, 2023
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Old dartboards are mainstays of attics, basements, and antique stores alike, but they’re useful as more than just nostalgic games. According to TikTok, they can also be repurposed as cool tables perfect for your next party.

In a video, TikTok content creator @odetoanabode showed how she pulled off this particular DIY with less than $20 worth of thrift store materials.

The process was simple. All @odetoanabode had to do was screw an old dartboard onto a thrifted stool. To top it off, she added a glass top she got at her local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and voila! A handful of thrifted materials are now a low-cost, retro-inspired table.

“This is one of my favorite DIYs,” she wrote in her video. “I started making these dartboard tables last year, they’re so easy and fun.”

“This is gorgeous. I literally saw one at the thrift [store] and considered this!” one viewer commented. “You’re so creative.”

As another commenter pointed out: “That angle was insanely perfect for a sec it looked like a rug! Lol this is super cool tho!”

Even if you’re not in the mood to build a DIY table, there are still plenty of ways to utilize old darts and dartboards in your home or at the thrift store.

As Philuko blogger Julia pointed out in a blog post, the darts on a dartboard can also double as a catch-all for small objects, from jewelry to random household knickknacks. For a bit of artistic flair, you can also experiment with using a vintage dartboard as part of a gallery wall.