Decluttering Idea to Consider: Letting Go of Leftover Furniture

updated Jul 17, 2020
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(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

Dragging furniture from one home to the next is pretty standard practice. And as your most-used furniture finds its new home in your living room, dining room and bedroom, have you ever noticed there’s sometimes perfectly-good-so-why-get-rid-of-it “leftover” furniture that you always struggle to find a place for?

For me it’s a handful of chairs. I’m a chair addict, so when I come across a good deal (or find something on the side of the road), I throw it in the back of my truck. Even in an apartment bigger than I’ve probably ever lived in, I don’t need this many chairs, but I’ve got them tucked in corners and lined up against walls like a waiting room, just trying to find a spot for them. Some (many) of them are things that I have plans or dreams to DIY — but haven’t yet (and probably won’t any time soon).

The biggest problem with holding on to leftover furniture? It’s literally in the way of you possibly finding an even better, more perfect piece of furniture that could take a room to the next level. Even if you’ve found a decent spot where it fits and doesn’t look completely dumb, is that really the best solution for a space? Or could there be something better?

Do you hold on to furniture you don’t really have a use for, because you have it and it’s an okay piece of furniture with nothing wrong with it? If you got rid of a leftover piece of furniture, would that free up your space to be open to something even better?

If you’re ready to rid yourself of a leftover piece of furniture, here are some selling ideas and tips: