This Vintage Style Might Just Be the New Mid-Century Modern

published Mar 19, 2018
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(Image credit: Samara Vise)

Of course, before mid-century modern there was shabby chic, and before that there was that awful oversize Tuscan villa-esque furniture that looked like it was made for giants, but no style has had quite the staying power that mid-century modern has. When I graduated college, in 2005, we were talking about it, and 13 years later, we still are. This, of course, means that people like me are always trying to predict what “the next” MCM is. Is it Italian Modernism? Is it Victoriana? Well, today I’m taking another stab at it, and my newest prediction is this: the new mid-century modern is Art Deco.

(Image credit: Hotel Bienvenue)

Everything old eventually becomes new again, and Art Deco seems right for this moment, glam and playful but still with a bit of a minimalist bent. Take a look at these modern examples of Art Deco-esque style and decide for yourself: Is this the next big thing? Or is MCM here to stay?

Above: This room from Paris’ Hotel Bienvenue caught my eye, and inspired this post, in fact. It’s a bit softer and more minimal than the Art Deco of the past, but the machine-age geometries and streamlined look are still there. That is, it evokes the spirit of Art Deco without copying it completely, which is just what you want from a revival.

(Image credit: Auction FR)
(Image credit: Anthropologie)

The chaise lounge above is a real Art Deco piece from 1935, spotted on Auction FR. The coffee table below it is a modern offering from Anthropologie: Art Deco with just a touch of Millennial pink.

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Although I generally find their clothing to be a bit fussy, Anthropologie usually has their finger on the pulse when it comes to home decor. Here’s another current offering, a bed so clearly inspired by Art Deco that it’s called the Deco Bed.

(Image credit: Henrietta Hotel)
(Image credit: Henrietta Hotel)

Here is the Henrietta Hotel, another Paris hotel that embraces the Art Deco look. The curves in both the bedroom and bathroom evoke the Chrysler Building, an icon of Art Deco architecture.

(Image credit: 2 Lovely Gays)

This bedroom design from 2 Lovely Gays features a very Art Deco vanity, upholstered in a very luxe blue suede.

(Image credit: West Elm)

These cloud bookends from West Elm definitely give off an Art Deco vibe. Marble is a material that’s been very popular for modern designs, but it fits neatly with the Art Deco aesthetic, which embraced luxury.

(Image credit: 2 Lovely Gays)

And lastly, another interior from 2 Lovely Gays, which evokes Memphis but also Art Deco Miami Beach, with its playful geometric shapes and pastel colors. The new Art Deco is a bit more streamlined than the old Art Deco, filtered through a modern sensibility. It’s fresh, and colorful, and playful — in my opinion, just what the interior design scene needs right now. What do you think?