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The Surprising Essential Product Your Home Might Be Missing

updated Jun 18, 2020
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(Image credit: Margaret Wright)

It’s not a stretch to see that art plays a huge role in Taylor DeBartola‘s Charleston home. Art lines the walls of hallways, and art is placed in prominent spots in the home to create stunning statements. The piece above the fireplace is an example. “‘Your Head is on Fire,’ an etching by Louise Bourgeois, was a piece I purchased from artist Raphael Fodde’s 5+5 Gallery,” wrote Taylor in his House Tour survey. “Bourgeois was best known for her immersive sculptures, but was also a prolific print maker. This piece stopped me dead in my tracks when I saw it, although at the time I did not know the artist or her work. Fodde, now a dear friend, has generously invested in my art education and has also helped us to acquire other works in the living room, like David Wojnarowicz’s ‘One Day this Kid.'”

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(Image credit: Margaret Wright)

Inspiration for how and where to use art in your home abounds in Taylor’s house. But there’s another art-related tidbit that you can steal from this talented interior designer. And while it’s not as attractive or as sexy a subject as art and design, it can be just as important for your home and your art.

(Image credit: Margaret Wright)

Get yourself a dehumidifier!

Maybe even more than one? “My latest near obsession is reducing the humidity inside our home,” says Taylor. “If you’ve got works on paper hung in your home, or just enjoy having an extra task to complete throughout the day, I highly recommend it.”

(Image credit: Margaret Wright)

Taylor’s choice of dehumidifier brand is hOmeLabs, and he has several in his large home that he uses “all day everyday.” The hOmeLabs’ 70 Pint (9 gallon) Energy Star Mid-Size Portable Dehumidifier is $$199.99 at Amazon. “I can’t tell you the joy they bring me… but I could try,” describes Taylor.

While the benefit to art—especially pieces on paper—is a big plus for purchasing a dehumidifier, as someone who lives in the South as well, I can say from experience that they’re great for just generally enjoying your living environment more. Not sure what your home’s humidity levels are? Check out the tips in this post: Ideal Indoor Humidity Levels & How to Control Them at Home.

(Image credit: Margaret Wright)

See all of Taylor’s art collection (along with the rest of the beautiful home) in his house tour: A Modern Art-Filled Apartment in a Historic Row Home