This Minneapolis Family House Is So Charming It’s Like a Little Cabin in the City

published Oct 4, 2022

This Minneapolis Family House Is So Charming It’s Like a Little Cabin in the City

published Oct 4, 2022
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Square feet
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Homeowners’ Names: Alexandra Bennett, with her husband, two young children, and a black lab
Design professional names: Victoria Sass of Prospect Refuge Studio
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Size: 2500 square feet
Type of Home: Single-family house
Years Lived In: Since 5 Years, owned

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“We were casually looking for about two years before we came across this home,” explains Alexandra Bennett, who was previously the owner of the Minneapolis-based contemporary quilt studio, Louise Gray. “We were pretty specific about which neighborhood we wanted to be in. My husband loves to bike so access to the trails was pretty high on the priority list. When this home became available, we knew it was the one. It just felt right.”

Credit: Wing Ho
Pictured is designer Victoria Sass, who founded the award-winning interiors firm, Prospect Refuge Studio in 2015. This bio provided by her team: "After a decade of experience working within the design community, she founded the studio where projects are informed by her global travels and Midwest charm. Growing up in Santa Cruz, California, Sass went on to pursue an architectural education in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she met her husband, before moving to Minneapolis to raise a family."

The homeowners hired Victoria Sass, founder of the interiors firm Prospect Refuge Studio, who is inspired by influences ranging from California bohemian to Scandinavian minimalism, to update this single-family house in Minneapolis.

“I think I first fell in love with the outside of the home,” continues homeowner Alexandra. “It has kind of a Dutch Colonial look with cedar shingle siding, and the simple shape just made it look so cozy, like a little cabin in the city. The previous homeowner had done some interior renovations already so the spaces inside the home were really light and bright. I don’t love dark interiors, so this felt like the best of both worlds. Cozy on the outside but bright on the inside. All the details of the home just felt so thoughtfully done.”

Credit: Wing Ho

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Homeowner Alexandra’s Style: I think we tried to lead with our personality — blending collected furnishings and family heirlooms into the fresh space we craved, all with room to add layers to it as our family grows. I appreciate a lot of layers and I feel like we achieved that by making each room its own experience.

Credit: Wing Ho

Homeowner Alexandra’s Inspiration: The homeowner was inspired by her own childhood home when looking to have Prospect Refuge Studio design the one she would raise her own family in.

Designer Victoria’s Inspiration: For this project, I was inspired to create a calming, yet highly functional space that could accommodate multiple generations as this family grew. I implemented my narrative approach to design, trusting that no matter its age, the history of a home can be celebrated in its present while anticipating needs of the future.

Credit: Wing Ho

Homeowner Alexandra’s Favorite Element: Interestingly, almost all the artwork were pieces we already owned. Most of it was inherited or collected on travels and Victoria helped us reframe and rehang them. It really gave us a fresh view of these sentimental items, we appreciated them all over again and saw them through a new lens.

Credit: Wing Ho

Designer Victoria’s Favorite Element: I’m so in love with the powder room. It’s really a departure from the rest of the home — like a little gem set right in the very center of the entire structure. We wallpapered all the walls and ceiling in this rich hand-dyed plum Japanese paper by Porter Teleo and then hung very minimal fixtures to keep the mood focused and pure.

Designer Victoria’s Biggest Challenge: This might sound cheesy, but the biggest challenges also provide the best opportunities. The house is modestly sized and the entire layout is highly efficient. We needed to make every wall, every niche, every surface count. It was a balance to pack in all the function but keep the aesthetic airy and light. I feel like there is this layered richness and charm that comes from using every available inch wisely.

Credit: Wing Ho

Designer Victoria’s best home secret or decorating advice? The best home secret is to implement kid-friendly additions to make the homeowner’s life easier. We added closed upper cabinets to hide bottles and sippy cups along with part-butcherblock part-soapstone countertops to make the kitchen as functional as possible for the homeowner.


Credit: Wing Ho


  • Chairs — Vintage
  • Sofa 1 — Moroso
  • Sofa 2 — Croft House
  • Coffee Table — Four Hands
  • Sconces — L’aviva Home
  • Rug — Nani Marquina
Credit: Wing Ho


  • Backsplash Tile — Cie
Credit: Wing Ho


  • Cabinet — Stellar Works
  • Ceramics — Dust and Form
  • Bedding — Hale Mercantile
  • Nightstands — Chelsea Textiles
  • Bedside Lamps — Newport Lamps
  • Bed — De La Espada
Credit: Wing Ho


  • Beds — Vintage 1930s French Art Deco Brass Beds
  • Bedding (Duvet and Shams) — Zara
  • Bookshelf Nightstand — Rovan
  • Curtains — Kravet
  • Sconces — Urban Electric
  • Rug — Gan Rugs
  • Trunks — Vegan Leather Standard Trunk from PBTeen
  • Overhead Lighting — Vintage Domus Pendant Light
Credit: Wing Ho


  • Overhead Light — Hemisphere Light from Allied Maker
  • Curtain — Antibes Craie from Pierre Frey
  • Knobs — Ashley Norton
  • Floor Tile — Arto
Credit: Wing Ho


  • Cabinet Hardware — Sun Valley Bronze
  • Desk Lamps — Hay
  • Wall Treatment — Claremont Fabric
  • Rug — Commune
  • Togo Sofa — Kvadrat Fabric
  • Wall Sconces — Workstead

Thanks Victoria and Alexandra!

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