15 Home Decorating Pros Share Their Design New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

published Jan 4, 2023
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Credit: Erin Derby

2023 has officially kicked off, and if you have a few design-related goals in mind, now’s the time to get the ball rolling on them. Maybe you want to finally move into your own studio apartment, or you’re hoping to tackle that kitchen revamp. Perhaps you just want to be a little more intentional about your home decor purchases. No matter what, you’re not alone in wanting to achieve a home-related goal or two. Even the pros have plenty of decorating aspirations! I asked 15 of them for their design-related resolutions for 2023, and I don’t know about you, but I’m going to channel some of this inspiration into my own home plans for 2023.

1. Design while doing good

“One of my big design resolutions for 2023 is to use my talents and gifts to serve the homeless community and encourage others in our industry to do the same. I think our love for the essence of home should drive us to help others experience it.” —Designer Marie Cloud of Indigo Pruitt Design Studio

2. Be mindful about decor

“This year my design resolution is to convince clients to slow down and be more mindful about the objects they would like us to place in their homes — having them search through family memorabilia or being open to using more vintage and antique pieces. Being surrounded by items that relate to your travels, family members who are no longer with you, or artwork created by your children can bring powerful, positive energy to your space.” —Designer Stephanie Gamble of Stephanie Gamble Interiors

3. Partner with more artists

“I’ve been fortunate with past clients because they have such vast and amazing art collections. Partnering with artists allows me to offer those clients who are just starting to build a collection a place to start. I plan on attending more art shows such as Art Basel and visiting local art galleries.” —Designer Naïka André of NJA Interiors

4. Encourage clients to invest in original art

“It’s often hard to find the energy and budget for art at the end of a good renovation or build, but it’s kind of like getting perfectly dressed and forgetting all your accessories. Art just finishes and elevates a home. Period. It’s always worth the investment!” —Designer Jenn Feldman of Jenn Feldman Designs

5. Shake things up with furniture placement

“My design resolution for 2023 is to motivate my clients to branch out of their comfort zones a bit more when it comes to furniture silhouettes and layouts. Just because it’s not an obvious furniture placement doesn’t mean it may not get you more bang for your buck! Opting for a non-traditional layout can sometimes get you the things you want the most — extra seating and storage! Additionally, fun shapes and curves tend to scare off traditional clients, but it might be just the thing the room needs! It’s 2023: time to live a little.” —Designer Charli Hantman of August Black Interior Design

6. Don’t be limited by a room’s typical purpose

“Think outside the box when it comes to space planning. Homes have traditionally had a standard layout based on human habits and needs, but the fact is: Everyone uses their home differently. You may not need or will never use a formal dining room, so maybe opt for a game room instead or turn the unused formal dining into a work study/office space or lounge. It’s extremely important that your home reflects you and your lifestyle. That said, think outside the box and make sure your home functions accordingly.” —Designer Chrissy Jones of Twenty-Eighth Design Studio

7. Install wall sculptures

“In 2023, I would love to see the continued incorporation of natural textile wall sculptures into clients’ spaces. These installations add a visual interest and sense of elevation to any room while still remaining elegant and inviting. The textiles can be as delicate or bold as you like, so they can fit with any style.” —Designer Cherline Shea of Shea and Company Design Studio

8. Shop more sustainably

“Our biggest design resolution at Sea Green Designs for 2023 is to encourage more clients to renovate and furnish their homes with more sustainably-made products. There are so many beautiful options from flooring and wall coverings to window treatments and furnishings that are made from materials that enhance well-being and the health of the planet. We definitely intend to incorporate them into our designs and our conversations with clients.” —Designer Shannon Willey of Sea Green Designs

9. Focus on interior architecture

“I want to encourage more clients to go beyond paint/wallpaper and furniture design and to move towards enhancing the interior architecture of their spaces. I want to reinvent spaces with beautiful finishes and details that will elevate any space and make it more unique from the typical ‘box’ design.” —Designer Jade McNeil of Jade McNeil Interiors

Credit: Sarah Reid

10. Don’t forget about leisure spaces

“My resolution is to encourage clients to think about life balance and prioritize not only the home office but also leisure time — to focus on giving some love to those rooms they use every day and enjoy spending time in.” —Designer Mariella Cruzado of Splendor Styling

Credit: Ola Zwolenik

11. Go monochromatic with a room’s color scheme

“For 2023, I’d like to change the color narrative from neutral to pops of color (or all-over color)! Right now, there are few rooms that explore saturations of one primary color. It feels somewhat representative of how Sister Parish did the Kennedy White House: choosing one color and then exploring the range of lightness to darkness in that hue. Take green, for instance. I’d like to do a room with deep forest walls, fern drapes, and then cream sofas with the lightest of green pillows. Actually, I think, Sister Parish’s textile company creates the exact pattern and shade I’m thinking of!” —Designer Anne Mueller of Briar Design

12. Embrace bolder colors

“Do not be afraid of color! Black paint will not make a space look dark and small when used properly, and a pop of color on walls or ceilings could be the missing ingredient to creating the sophisticated and elegant space you have always desired.” —Designer Chanda Kea of Kea Interiors

13. Incorporate more custom furnishings into spaces

“I want to use at least two custom pieces per design project. Buying ready-made decor pieces and furniture is great, but the design is so much more special and signature when there are pieces that are one-of-a-kind, unreplicated, and perfectly fit the space and the design. It will, of course, require more patience, sourcing, and a great attention to detail, but I’m ready to stretch myself and my clients in that way. ” —Designer Rashida Banks

14. Make the home feel ultra-special

“My design resolution for 2023 is to commit to giving a treat to my home every month. It could be as little as repainting a window sill or as big as renovating a bedroom. Together with my online community, we are doing a “Home Happiness Audit,” where we are listing all the things that make us not so happy about our homes. Then every month throughout the year, we’re going to work on that list to bring more joy to our homes and lives.” —Designer Ju De Paula of Blueberry Living & Co

Credit: Erin Derby

15. Take more creative risks

“For myself, my design resolution is to push myself creatively to try something that I haven’t done yet — which I’m not yet ready to share, but stay tuned. For clients, I want them to think about how they want to live and push past how they are used to living because those are two very different things. Great design is an emotional experience; it needs to be felt.” —Designer Beth Diana Smith