Divine Color Inspiration Awaits in These Closets

updated Mar 11, 2020

Fashion is such a great resource for home style that we’ve combined two of our favorite Apartment Therapy features — our Fashionable People profiles, featuring chic House Tour subjects, and our Color Search tool, powered by Sherwin-Williams® — to help you find sartorial-meets-interior inspiration in a snap. Each of these lovely ladies has a rich, moody and distinctive color savvy that translates beautifully to the home. Which suits your style best?

Ali’s Blush Pinks, Deep Neutrals and Shimmery Metallics

This NOLA resident‘s style cred — she’s a stylist and co-owner of hip shop Neon Heart — shows in the effortlessly unexpected mix-and-match look above: a candy-pink skirt worn with a broken-in Iron Maiden tee in black, silver and gold and a pair of well-loved Chucks. The unlikely marriage succeeds just as well in the home: Big splashes of pink are playfully sophisticated, while dark neutrals anchor the space and add a little edge. Pops of sheen add some glam to keep all that cotton candy from being cloying.

Claire’s Earthy, Pattern-Flecked Blues and Greens

Interior designer and yoga teacher Claire has a vintage boho look that manages to be both colorful and earthy — those dreamy blues and greens with that warm orange! Going deep in a focused color palette keeps things calm, and subtle patterns — whether in the form of her laid-back checked shirt or a great love seat — add visual interest that doesn’t overwhelm.

Dria’s Bright and Airy Blue-Gray Dream

This West Coast native nails easy, breezy style. The same sky blue of her laid-back outfit can make any room feel more open and spacious. Add some hints of light gray and violet, and you’ve got a palette that radiates easy charm and serenity without veering into ‘nursery’ territory.

Angie’s Elegant Neutral Appeal

We’re smitten with Angie’s romantic, flowy cream dress — a sentiment that goes double for her nude crocodile slingbacks. What’s the lesson here? Warm neutrals with a twist never go out of style. Take this look into the home with pale walls, warm woods and simple accents in gentle shades and natural textures. Timeless.

Saadia’s Bright, Impactful Orange

Did someone say pop of color? This lady defines the term with her sunshine-y statement skirt, expertly paired with a classic white top and almost-neutral metallic heel. This golden yellow is a favorite bold, bright color in our house tours. Just pair all that saturation with some neutrals to pull the look together.

Valorie’s Whimsical Black-and-White (and Pink!)

We could all take a lesson from Valorie and her fun-loving fashion sense: Her pink hair and patterned outfit in bold black and white make us smile from ear to ear. For a home with the same happy flair, don’t be afraid of going overboard. Pile on prints, go big in black-and-white, mount some hot-pink faux taxidermy — it’s all fair game as long as you’re having fun.

Like what you see? Just point, aim and click on a House Tour or annual-contest photo that strikes your fancy, and let Color Search recommend the perfect paints to capture the colors onscreen. (You can even text them to yourself for an instant shopping list!) Now with new palette options, more images and even a Sherwin-Williams store locator, Color Search can help bring your visions to life.