This $0 Decorating Idea Is the Easiest Ever Way to Fill a Bare Bedroom Wall

updated Dec 7, 2020
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As someone who generally decorates every corner of my home almost immediately upon moving in, I’ve actually paid very little attention to my bedroom. It’s been a very slow process. Admittedly, it’s a bite-sized NYC space with pretty good bones: brick walls, wood floors, and a decent overhead fixture that provides nice, warm light. Although that might sound like the perfect recipe for cozy days ahead, I don’t spend too much time in my bedroom beyond when I’m sleeping or trying to find something in my closet. That’s because it’s currently lacking a little bit of spark. I painted a fun mural behind my bed and have a few houseplants, but beyond that, the room is pretty bare. 

That said, if there’s anything I’ve learned about decorating small bedrooms, it’s all about freeing up your floor space and trying to draw the eyes upward to make things seem loftier and larger. On a mission to do just that, I challenged myself to find a unique way to jazz up this bare, brick wall in my bedroom that’s been long ignored. Drilling into brick can be tricky, so hanging art was out of the question. I turned my attention towards the ceiling, and spoiler alert: This easy project involves a totally free element of nature from outside… a branch! 

I’ve had a birch branch leaning against my wall for a while now, and I’ve always wanted to make it more of a statement piece for my home. So I decided to create something that felt both functional and decorative: a hanging birch branch clothing rack. If you, too, are living in a small bedroom with minimal closet space, this DIY project might be for you. It’s super easy, and I had all of the simple items it requires on hand, so it didn’t cost me a thing. If you had to buy some of these supplies though, I still think it wouldn’t set you back more than $15 or $20.

Supplies and materials you’ll need to make a hanging branch clothing rack:

  • Branch (I used birch, but you can use driftwood or any durable stick you find outside)
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Set of hooks 

1. Measure where you want to tie the twine to your branch

Using a tape measure, measure each end of the branch, marking the spots where you plan to tie your two pieces of twine. You’ll want the branch to be evenly balanced, so make sure you’re tying both ends about the same distance out. I tied mine about 3 inches from each end point. 

2. Wrap the twine around each end of the branch

Loop twine around and around the branch (and repeat until you feel it’s sturdy enough). My twine wasn’t very thick, so I wrapped it around the branch quite a few times to ensure it wouldn’t break. You can also use a thicker rope if you plan to hang heavier items from your “clothing rack.” Once you’re done wrapping the twine around your branch, tie it off with a strong double knot to secure it. Don’t trim the twine tail yet—this is what you’ll use to hang the piece. Repeat this process on the other side of your branch.

3. Mount your hanging hooks onto the ceiling

You’ll need your measuring tape again to measure the distance between your hooks when installing them. This should match up to where you tied the two pieces of twine on your branch. Once that’s done, screw the hooks directly into your ceiling. 

4. Hang your branch up

This part might be easier with a friend. Grab one end of the branch that’s hanging by twine and slowly tie it up onto your hook. I secured mine by wrapping it around the hook a few times and triple knotting it. Repeat this on the other end of the branch and adjust the twine on one side accordingly so the piece is level. 

Now comes the really fun part, which is decorating your rack. I decided to dress up my branch with an artificial pine garland because ‘tis the season. I paired that with a couple of dresses, a handbag, and 2020’s most important accessory: a face mask. Topped off with some jewelry and dried florals, mine was good to go.

I love the way the rack anchors this blank wall in my bedroom, filling it with a few special pieces without adding too much visual clutter. One small caveat: This rack can certainly hold a pound or two of stuff, but it’s not meant to house your whole wardrobe. Pay attention to guidelines on how much weight can be suspended from the hooks you’ve selected.

If you didn’t want to use this piece as a clothing rack, you could also easily hang pictures from this branch or create a playful mobile with some shapes cut out of paper. Whatever you choose, it’ll be sure to add a little color and cheer to even the smallest of bedrooms.