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DIY Black Tea Window Cleaner

updated May 5, 2019
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(Image credit: Marcia Prentice)

This is more of a new-to-me cleaning tip, since apparently I’m very late to the black tea party. However, I just tried a homemade black tea window cleaner yesterday and I’m very excited with the results!

Our windows were in desperate need of some cleaning after a month of street construction and daily run ins with two children whose hands are always sticky. What is that about? Why do children have perpetually sticky fingers? One of life’s great mysteries, I suppose.

Back to the windows. I was out of white vinegar (my usual window cleaner) and decided to research other DIY cleaners. Lo and behold, black tea popped up as an option. Using the following method, courtesy of Networx, I quickly brewed up a wonderful window cleaner.

Black Tea Window Cleaner:
• Brew strong black tea. I used 3 bags of Irish breakfast tea to 8 oz boiling water.
• Steep and allow to fully cool, about an hour.
• Transfer cleaner to spray bottle or dip cotton cloth into solution.
• Clean and buff.

I did some research and discovered that the tannic acid in black tea acts as a cleaning agent to dissolve dirt and grease, which I found to be true. For extra soiled windows, a second application of cleaner was needed, and a small bit of streaking did appear on some windows, but was quickly buffed out with a dry cloth. Overall, I think cooled black tea worked incredibly well, plus it smelled much nicer than vinegar, plus plus, it’s so non-toxic that I could actually drink my window cleaner. Definitely a winner.

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