Reddit Has a Genius DIY “Lap” for Keeping Clingy Pets Happy When You’re Working from Home

updated Mar 7, 2020
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Working from home has plenty of perks, and for pet owners, it means extra time to snuggle with your cat or dog. But when you start working from home long enough, your four-legged friend might start to become a bit too attached, as one London couple realized, which prompted them to come up with a genius fix for their clingy cat, Ziggy.

Ziggy’s owner, Rebecca May, shared a photo of their homemade hack on Reddit: a pair of sweatpants which her husband Alex stuffed with a duvet cover and a heating mat, propped up on the couch for Ziggy to use as a makeshift “lap.” They even included a pair of sneakers on the floor where the feet should be, so that Ziggy can cozy up to her “human” even while the couple is hard at work all day.

It seems the pair had tried other measures to keep Ziggy happy during the day—including keeping a heating pad on her cat bed—but it wasn’t until they got creative with the makeshift lap that Ziggy felt cozy and comfy for several hours at a clip.

The Mays adopted Ziggy, now 10, and her sister Harley, from a London shelter three years ago. Rebecca told The Dodo that Harley is seemingly much more independent than her sister, who “absolutely has to be sat on you” before your butt even hits the couch, adding, “Her ears go flat and her eyes go black when she thinks you’re about to sit. It’s almost like your lap is a target and she is straight on there whether you’re ready or not.”

It seems the sweet Calico just “needs warmth and to feel protected,” but the couple also needs to work and take calls, so that’s when Alex came up with the purrfect compromise. “He thought that creating a decoy would be funny, but I don’t think he expected it to actually work,” said Rebecca.  “Harley was totally uninterested, but Ziggy loved it.”

Fellow Redditors loved it equally as much, sharing stories of their own clingy cats and suggesting that the Mays patent the feline-friendly fix and sell it to the masses. It definitely like that move would be Ziggy-approved.