A DIY Checkboard Rug Went Viral Because People Can’t Believe How Good It Turned Out

published Jul 24, 2022
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bright happy living space with gold velvet sofa, coffee table with yogi tea setup, patterned wallpaper, red and white rug, shelves with l'objets, plants
Credit: Rikki Snyder

TikTok DIY projects can be hit or miss, and you can usually tell how a DIY project is going to turn out just by the setup. So when TikTok user Hailey Cearbaugh (@haileycearbaugh) invited her followers to “make a checkered rug with me” and began cutting up existing black and white rugs to mesh them together, viewers’ hopes were not high.

But by the end of the video, commenters couldn’t believe how incredible the final result is.

One person commented, “At first I was like hell no, but the finished product is *chefs kiss*.” And another added, “Okay but why did it turn out THAT good?” 

“Literally I was shocked too,” Cearbaugh responded.

Cearbaugh used two 5’ x 7’ shag rugs from Walmart, scissors, and Gorilla Glue tape to pull the whole thing together. In the comments, she explained that, with her boyfriend’s help, the rug got done in about 4 hours. She also used a 5” x 5” square as a tracing guide to help cut out perfect squares, but some expert measuring would do the trick, too.

“Can we get like a month update to see how she’s holding up???” another commenter wrote. “Girls gotta know I vacuum a lot and I would hate it getting ripped up after the effort.”

And Cearbaugh delivered.

She not only explained her genius idea to use all the existing hem edges of the rugs on the outside so she didn’t have to deal with fraying, but she also said that tape has been holding up really well. Sometimes Cearbaugh has to readjust the tiles so that they don’t flip up, but otherwise, the entire project has been a success.