This Spooky DIY Wreath is for Serious Halloween Lovers Only

published Oct 2, 2022
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Credit: Shutterstock/2M media

Have you been planning your Halloween costume since November 1 of last year? Do you have pumpkins crowding out people in your home? Are you wearing a witch’s hat while reading this? Sounds like you’re serious about Halloween. In that case, this DIY is for you.

This completed wreath popped up in Reddit’s crafts community (or subreddit), r/crafts, where it gained immediate attention. And no wonder: The creepy, glowing fire-and-brimstone look is a departure from your typical DIY fall wreath.

In the comments, Redditor u/valannjo explains that they followed a tutorial they saw on TikTok from The Navage Patch and which you can see on The Navage Patch’s blog. With just a few easy steps and easy-to-find materials, you can also create this straight-from-your-nightmares decor.

The DIYer behind the creepy masterpiece, Greg, says that he used a wire wreath frame to start their project. (You can find these at the dollar store.) Another essential piece: battery-operated orange LED string lights. You’ll need those to create that hellish glow.

From there, you’ll need to reach for your expanding foam — that of the viral mirror DIY — as well as a variety of plastic bones to help fill out the wreath and make it look like the glow comes from within. And, of course, you’ll need to coat the whole thing in spray paint. Greg said he used red, gray, and black to make his wreath look like smoldering charcoal.

Once your underworld wreath is complete, you can hang it on your door for all to fear — ahem, admire. And once you’re done with that, The Navage Patch has tons of other ideas for cool DIY Halloween decor; you can also check out four other Halloween DIYs you can make for your front door here. Happy spooky season!