How to Make a Halloween-Ready Skeleton Topiary

published Oct 2, 2020
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A skeleton topiary with a faux skeleton coming out of a potted plant

Plants usually get to have their fun during the holiday season, when they’re decorated with glimmering lights. But you don’t have to save your festive plant displays for winter. Halloween is the perfect time to bust out a creepy skeletal topiary that will make neighbors and passersby look twice.

For how good it looks, you’ll be shocked to hear that it’s super easy to put together. In just a few steps, you can take your front door plants from sweet to scary. Here’s what you’ll need and how to do it.

What you’ll need to make a skeleton topiary

1. Disassemble the skeleton

Take apart your plastic skeleton so that you’re left with just the ribcage. (That means removing the legs, arms, pelvic bones, and skull.) If your skeleton is pieced together with pins, it’s as simple as popping them out to remove each bone. If it’s all one piece, you’ll need to use a heavy-duty scissors or even a hand saw to take it apart.

2. Dig a small hole in your potted plant

Use your hands to dig a small hole in the soil around your potted plant. Choose a spot close to the edge of the pot, where you’re less likely to disturb the roots.

3. Place the skeleton in the potted plant

Gently push the spine of the skeleton into the potted plant where you made your hole.

4. Decorate the skeleton with faux greenery

Tuck faux vines and other greenery into the body of the skeleton, pulling them out in places to make it look as if they’re growing out of the skeleton’s body.

The final look is simple but very effective. Want to add more decor to your door? Here are four more easy DIY projects to spookify your season.